I know yall watched the debate yesterday! I have come to the conclusion that Trump is just DUMB!!! He look DUMB!! HE SOUND DUMB!!! JUST DUMB!!!!!!!! LAW AND ORDER?????? What da hell you mean????? STOP AND FRISK!!! OH HELL NAW!!!! Ask any  black person how they feel right now about the injustice our fellow brothers and … Continue reading I FUQS WIT HILL!!!

God Blessing all da TRAP N*****????

This right here is for the fellas. FELLAS FELLAS FELLAS!!!!! To my brothas!!!  Your woman understands more than you think she does!!!!!  We realize how difficult it is to have to watch out for "12", we understand you got to be on point in order not to get robbed, we understand  this is what you … Continue reading God Blessing all da TRAP N*****????