The Good News Tea Spotlight~ Opal Sisterhood of Love Inc.

Hips N' Lips had the pleasure of meeting the fabulous founder of Opal Sisterhood of Love a little over a year ago.  Opal Sisterhood of Love is a community center based  in Rex, Ga. The focus of the sisterhood are girls ranging from ages 7-18. We are excited to introduce Tempestt Radford-Bell. Born and raised … Continue reading The Good News Tea Spotlight~ Opal Sisterhood of Love Inc.

Religion Vs. Spirituality

Growing up in a Baptist church is way different than what I experience today in a non-denominational church. I was raised in a Baptist church and I didn’t experience speaking in tongues. I never witnessed the gift of prophecy.  I didn’t recognize my talents were spiritual gifts from God. I’m sure yall won’t mind me … Continue reading Religion Vs. Spirituality


As you all know, Hips N’ Lips is all about positivity and growth. We are excited to bring forth our new segment “ The Good News Tea” spotlighting a LYFE CHANGER.  Author and multi-faceted entrepreneur Neka Arnold-Scott. Neka is the CVO & Founder of Diamonds and Pearls Sisterhood, innovator of Cupcakes and Conversations, a woman … Continue reading THE GOOD NEWS TEA~ SPOTLIGHT AUTHOR NEKA ARNOLD-SCOTT

Spiritual Growth: An Amazing feeling☺️

I️ have been trying to figure out the words to describe this AWE-MAZING feeling I've been having lately. Everyday there are challenges that come my way but I'm so glad I accepted that GOD IS ALWAYS WITH ME!!!Deuteronomy 31:6 He wants the VERY best for us and it's already ours. John 14:13 The word states … Continue reading Spiritual Growth: An Amazing feeling☺️

2017 Reflection

2017 was a year of revelation for me. God revealed so much to me about Me!! He showed me my purposes to uplift encourage, and motivate. The dope thing was that he instructed me that I️ had to deal with myself and my family first. This year I️ accepted a lot of assignments. Some I️ … Continue reading 2017 Reflection

HIPS N’💋 XCLUSIVE: 3rd Annual Thanksgiving Takeover 2K17

Hips N' Lips went home this year for Thanksgiving and finally got a chance to experience how lit the Takeover is and see what the hype is all about! This year was the 3rd Annual and has been the talk of the town for past 2 years! The Takeover is more than a just a … Continue reading HIPS N’💋 XCLUSIVE: 3rd Annual Thanksgiving Takeover 2K17

Men of Purpose are Men of CHANGE!

Hips N'💋 is all about CHANGE! Our families and communities are in need of change. We have a passion for Men , Women, and youth. Men come first because they set the foundation. How can we expect our men to lead when they are incarcerated or absent. God created man in his own image. He … Continue reading Men of Purpose are Men of CHANGE!

Help Is On The Way

Life is all about storms, tests, trials and tribulations! Either you need to be suiting up in your Armor of God to prepare for a storm, you are in the midst of a storm, or coming out of a storm! No matter what stage of the storm you are in, just know that God has … Continue reading Help Is On The Way


There’s so many things we can say about candidate for Atlanta City Council of the 12th district! When we met this beautiful sister she was doing one of the things she does best. MOTIVATING!!! Diana was EMPOWERING and pouring into women. She is Atlanta’s top motivational speaker. We first met at her Girl Get Out … Continue reading VOTE DIANA WATLEY!!!!!