XCLUSIVE:Alea Cardenas #Hipsnđź’‹Strengthofawomanchallenge

BREAKING NEWS‼️ : PLEASE READ! I never thought I would make it this far. September 11, 2011 I went into foster care until I aged out. I was broken, lost and confused. I dealt with depression, anxiety, anger, Lust, suicidial thoughts , insecurities and many other things. I moved from 3 different foster care agencies … Continue reading XCLUSIVE:Alea Cardenas #Hipsnđź’‹Strengthofawomanchallenge

XCLUSIVE: Tamara Finlay #Hipsn💋strengthofawomanchallenge 

TheHipsnđź’‹StrengthOfAWomanChallenge I was born strong and mighty. I always knew there was a purpose for my life. But' even in knowing that, I still had tremendous obstacles to overcome first.  At the age of 2 yrs old my father became addicted to heroin. Some 18 yrs later he would overdose and die from that sickness. … Continue reading XCLUSIVE: Tamara Finlay #Hipsnđź’‹strengthofawomanchallenge 

XCLUSIVE: Daisy Martin #Hipsnđź’‹Strengthofawomanchallenge

I looked up the definition for the word strength and found the following: 1. the quality or state of being strong; bodily ormuscular power; vigor. 2. mental power, force, or vigor. 3. moral power, firmness, or courage  While I agree with those definitions, my own personal life teachings and experiences have helped me truly understand … Continue reading XCLUSIVE: Daisy Martin #Hipsnđź’‹Strengthofawomanchallenge


Everyone has a story! Some have the courage to share and some don't. This challenge was put together to showcase the strength of a woman and to uplift and encourage our sisters. Women wear ALOT of hats and sometimes we need a extra push, extra word of encouragement, a hug, or even a simple smile. … Continue reading #Hipsnđź’‹Strengthofawomanchallenge

The making of a đź’Ž! Pt 2

Pressure and heat are the two things necessary in making a diamond. I often felt the pressure of raising 3 boys alone was too much for me but God always made a way!!! I have a awesome family that always stepped in to help. I needed all the help I could get. Even though our … Continue reading The making of a đź’Ž! Pt 2


Being born and raised in the midwest and then moving to the South was eye opening to me and almost like a culture shock to be honest! Since I've lived here in GA over 12 years, there is always the debate that never ends! The people from the south or elsewhere, are really quick to … Continue reading “NORTHERNERS VS SOUTHERNERS”


I've been silent long enough on this topic!  This shhh is way out of control in the streets of Chicago, from the cowards out there killing one another, to the cops killing folks and the lack of resources being poured into the communities.  Those who know me know me, know that my mama was born … Continue reading WE ARE FAILING OUR FUTURE IN CHICAGO!