TODAY my 1st heartbeat, my oldest child turns 21 🙌😢🤔😢💥! WOW! I have went through every emotion you can imagine as this day gets closer!  As I sit here, I think about all that WE have been through these 21 years and how we grew up together! I was just a baby myself when I … Continue reading “TO MY FIRST HEARTBEAT”


I've been silent long enough on this topic!  This shhh is way out of control in the streets of Chicago, from the cowards out there killing one another, to the cops killing folks and the lack of resources being poured into the communities.  Those who know me know me, know that my mama was born … Continue reading WE ARE FAILING OUR FUTURE IN CHICAGO!

Black Girl Magic‼️

Black history month gives us a measly 28 days to celebrate the achievements of people that look like us! It's always been my favorite area to learn! Who wouldn't want to educate themselves on their own people! My heart swells with pride as I think of the women that taught me from a child before … Continue reading Black Girl Magic‼️


Millenials, I'm here to tell ya'll that the older people don't really rock with ya'll. They talk about ya'll and my own generation too. They say some of ya'll lazy, think the world owe ya'll something, and heartless!  Now, the Babyboomer's generation say that basically ya'll have no potential to add value to society in … Continue reading “MILLENNIALS, LISTEN UP”

Hips N’ Lips💋 EXCLUSIVE: 5kay

  Hips N' Lips had the opportunity of meeting 5kay through their very first periscope video. We were discussing relationships and at the time Kay was trying to get over some hurts  from her past. Her Ten Toes Rap challenge via instagram gain her 1.1 million views and boosted her following rapidly. 5kay bodied the … Continue reading Hips N’ Lips💋 EXCLUSIVE: 5kay


As we come to the end of 2016 I have changed my position!!! I thought this was the worse year of my LIFE!!!!  Marital issues, money funny, depression, frustration, sickness, surgeries, family at odds, sons going to jail, daughter acting out, car troubles, u name it!!!  Throughout all the mess I kept pushing!!!!! The ONE … Continue reading 2016~MY BEST AND WORSE YEAR