Introducing MBK $hotta: A Hips N💋 Exclusive

MBK Shotta in this bihhh! Hipsn💋 would like to introduce this young hungry inspiring rapper who has been grinding for years! Yep I said years although this young fella is only 15,  he got a crazy work ethic of somebody twice his age! I had the opportunity to interview him and get some information about … Continue reading Introducing MBK $hotta: A Hips N💋 Exclusive


Yep I work for the King and no one else!!!! It's easy to fix your mouth to judge but WHO ARE U!!! I'm guilty! I've definitely turned my nose up and said what I would and wouldn't deal with! Was it right?  HELL NAW!!! The reason being is because: 1. I DON'T KNOW THEIR STORY … Continue reading JUDGE NOT!!