Millenials, I'm here to tell ya'll that the older people don't really rock with ya'll. They talk about ya'll and my own generation too. They say some of ya'll lazy, think the world owe ya'll something, and heartless!  Now, the Babyboomer's generation say that basically ya'll have no potential to add value to society in … Continue reading “MILLENNIALS, LISTEN UP”


Christmas 2016 will go down in history as the best Christmas in life for Hipsn­čĺő Nita !!! Man, when I tell you words cannot and will not describe how giving back to the homeless downtown on Christmas morning touched my soul and spirit in a major way! This truly was a humbling experience for my … Continue reading SPEECHLESS!!!


I ran across a post on facebook. It was from April Laland Sentmanat.(we call her AUNTIE)  The post was just referencing how she won't be swayed from living in her purpose, praise, or motivation. She won't be swayed from spreading the word of God. All I could start doing was thanking God for keeping me … Continue reading FAVOR AINT FAIR!!!!

Dont gotta be their friend!!!! Just BE REAL!!!!

Have u ever been called a HYPOCRITE????? Keep it REAL???? I have. It was my child! I would ask myself, why the hell he keep calling me a hypocrite!! We forget that our kids have witnessed alot of our mess first hand! We say things like don't go to school acting a fool! School is … Continue reading Dont gotta be their friend!!!! Just BE REAL!!!!

┬áKeep pushing! Don’t ever give up!

Are you a CHAMPION FOR YOUR CHILD?? I am and have always been there for each and everyone of my kids. Have I let them down? YES! Have I made mistakes? YES! Could I have done some things different? ABSOLUTELY! One things for certain, I never gave up! I had my fist child at 17, … Continue reading ┬áKeep pushing! Don’t ever give up!

“Think About Your Children”

Children who witness violence in their home are often effected more than the actual person being abused! Little people learn by example and often mimic behavior they witness. When I was growing up I witnessed violence in my home! The crazy thing is, my mother was the aggressor. Once I got older I became the … Continue reading “Think About Your Children”