Help Is On The Way

Life is all about storms, tests, trials and tribulations! Either you need to be suiting up in your Armor of God to prepare for a storm, you are in the midst of a storm, or coming out of a storm! No matter what stage of the storm you are in, just know that God has … Continue reading Help Is On The Way


There’s so many things we can say about candidate for Atlanta City Council of the 12th district! When we met this beautiful sister she was doing one of the things she does best. MOTIVATING!!! Diana was EMPOWERING and pouring into women. She is Atlanta’s top motivational speaker. We first met at her Girl Get Out … Continue reading VOTE DIANA WATLEY!!!!!

W2W & Associates 4th Annual “Your Journey is Justified” Women’s Empowerment Experience 2K17

The 4TH Annual “Your Journey is Justified” Experience was KINGDOM OFF THE CHAIN!!! Hips N’ Lips met April LaLand-Sentmanat at the Purple Affair in October last year, where she was being honored for Woman-2-Woman & Associate’s (W2WA) contribution to the community, by Tamiko Lowry-Pugh and The Still Standing Foundation. April was awarded the “I Am … Continue reading W2W & Associates 4th Annual “Your Journey is Justified” Women’s Empowerment Experience 2K17

Hips N’ 💋 XCLUSIVE: The 6th and Final Strut Awards 2017

Hips N' Lips were invited to be the Exclusive Bloggers for the 6th and Final Strut Awards held at the Fernbank Museum. The finale was an entire STRUT-a-lious weekend and was nevertheless STRUT-TASTIC. Friday night kicked off with a meet and greet at Wheat on Wings. We shared stories, we ate, we cried, we danced, … Continue reading Hips N’ 💋 XCLUSIVE: The 6th and Final Strut Awards 2017

XCLUSIVE: Quinette Keyta Ware #Hipsn💋strengthofawomanchallenge 

#StrengthofawomanChallenge God gave me vision a year ago but I thought I was suppose to be in the background. Not to be in the front line at all, behind scenes. God kept giving me the same vision over and over. I was like I am doing it helping others with theirs businesses behind the scenes. God … Continue reading XCLUSIVE: Quinette Keyta Ware #Hipsn💋strengthofawomanchallenge 

XCLUSIVE:Alea Cardenas #Hipsn💋Strengthofawomanchallenge

BREAKING NEWS‼️ : PLEASE READ! I never thought I would make it this far. September 11, 2011 I went into foster care until I aged out. I was broken, lost and confused. I dealt with depression, anxiety, anger, Lust, suicidial thoughts , insecurities and many other things. I moved from 3 different foster care agencies … Continue reading XCLUSIVE:Alea Cardenas #Hipsn💋Strengthofawomanchallenge

XCLUSIVE: Tamara Finlay #Hipsn💋strengthofawomanchallenge 

TheHipsn💋StrengthOfAWomanChallenge I was born strong and mighty. I always knew there was a purpose for my life. But' even in knowing that, I still had tremendous obstacles to overcome first.  At the age of 2 yrs old my father became addicted to heroin. Some 18 yrs later he would overdose and die from that sickness. … Continue reading XCLUSIVE: Tamara Finlay #Hipsn💋strengthofawomanchallenge 


I've been silent long enough on this topic!  This shhh is way out of control in the streets of Chicago, from the cowards out there killing one another, to the cops killing folks and the lack of resources being poured into the communities.  Those who know me know me, know that my mama was born … Continue reading WE ARE FAILING OUR FUTURE IN CHICAGO!


Christmas 2016 will go down in history as the best Christmas in life for Hipsn💋 Nita !!! Man, when I tell you words cannot and will not describe how giving back to the homeless downtown on Christmas morning touched my soul and spirit in a major way! This truly was a humbling experience for my … Continue reading SPEECHLESS!!!