Everytime I go back home to Illinois I feel replenished!!! Living in Georgia, I miss out on family dinners, card parties, birthday parties! Social media helps to keep me updated on what my family got going on, but not being here makes me a little sad sometimes. Facetiming my little cousins aint the same as … Continue reading FAMILY LOVE!!!


***This photo was featured by Ka'oir Cosmetics on June 6,2016. Hips N'💋 chopped it up with one of the most fiestiest female go getters in the hair and make up industry. Rita"THE HAM" Norman. Reppin Lake County, Illinois and traveling the world to take part in pop-up shops, attend educational seminars and workshops, and to … Continue reading  Hips N’ 💋 XCLUSIVE: RITA” THE HAM”NORMAN❤


As we come to the end of 2016 I have changed my position!!! I thought this was the worse year of my LIFE!!!!  Marital issues, money funny, depression, frustration, sickness, surgeries, family at odds, sons going to jail, daughter acting out, car troubles, u name it!!!  Throughout all the mess I kept pushing!!!!! The ONE … Continue reading 2016~MY BEST AND WORSE YEAR


Christmas 2016 will go down in history as the best Christmas in life for Hipsn💋 Nita !!! Man, when I tell you words cannot and will not describe how giving back to the homeless downtown on Christmas morning touched my soul and spirit in a major way! This truly was a humbling experience for my … Continue reading SPEECHLESS!!!