Men of Purpose are Men of CHANGE!

Hips N'💋 is all about CHANGE! Our families and communities are in need of change. We have a passion for Men , Women, and youth. Men come first because they set the foundation. How can we expect our men to lead when they are incarcerated or absent. God created man in his own image. He … Continue reading Men of Purpose are Men of CHANGE!


Being born and raised in the midwest and then moving to the South was eye opening to me and almost like a culture shock to be honest! Since I've lived here in GA over 12 years, there is always the debate that never ends! The people from the south or elsewhere, are really quick to … Continue reading “NORTHERNERS VS SOUTHERNERS”

Black Girl Magic‼️

Black history month gives us a measly 28 days to celebrate the achievements of people that look like us! It's always been my favorite area to learn! Who wouldn't want to educate themselves on their own people! My heart swells with pride as I think of the women that taught me from a child before … Continue reading Black Girl Magic‼️