As you all know, Hips N’ Lips is all about positivity and growth. We are excited to bring forth our new segment “ The Good News Tea” spotlighting a LYFE CHANGER.  Author and multi-faceted entrepreneur Neka Arnold-Scott. Neka is the CVO & Founder of Diamonds and Pearls Sisterhood, innovator of Cupcakes and Conversations, a woman empowerment leader, and a girl’s youth mentor.

Hips N’ Lips was requested to cover the book launch of her latest masterpiece entitled “A Woman’s Guide To Unmasking Her Authenticity”. Now let me tell you this! This guide is not your average table read. This is a book that can be used as a reference on healing and unmasking your true self. Neka is very transparent in unmasking her own insecurities and flaws in an effort to walk alongside and guide other women to do the same.  A lot of times we as women hide behind our insecurities, walk around snatched to the God’s in hopes that no one can see our true pain. Neka outlines the process to identify your insecurities and face them in truth in order to heal and move forward into the destiny God designed for you.

A Woman’s Guide To Unmasking Her Authenticity was a journey filled with assignments that promoted self-care, self-awareness, loving of self, and affirming oneself. We all have a purpose designed by God before we were formed in our mother’s womb. Jeremiah 1:5 As women we often lose ourselves in relationships, in trauma such as molestation, and even in childbirth. We are built to nurture but we lose the fact that we have to care for SELF first in order to care for others. This guide allows you to go step by step in identifying who you were in the past, who you are in the present, and who God called you to be in the future. It’s important to take the leap of faith to truly UNMASK all impurities in order to HEAL and move into your destiny.

Hips N’ Lips encourages you to get your copy of this AMAZING book and take the journey to Unmask and heal and reveal your AUTHENTIC self.  We can’t give you all the ☕️ you must experience this for self 🤩🤩 We promise you won’t regret it!! You can also share your thoughts and experiences on the book via the interactive facebook group titled LET US UNMASK. Neka Arnold-Scott we salute you sis on a job well done❤️

For more information on Diamonds and Pearls Sisterhood/ Cupcakes and Conversations visit

Facebook Neka Arnold-Scott

Instagram/Twitter Iamnekascott

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