HIPS N’💋 XCLUSIVE: 3rd Annual Thanksgiving Takeover 2K17

Hips N’ Lips went home this year for Thanksgiving and finally got a chance to experience how lit the Takeover is and see what the hype is all about! This year was the 3rd Annual and has been the talk of the town for past 2 years! The Takeover is more than a just a game, It’s more like a weekend with the Trash Talk and Pancakes, the Games, and the After Party. A HUGE S/O to the organizers, Don Thompson of Chrome Entertainment and Edwin Wilson of Urban Edge Entertainment for using their resources and bringing their vision to life to put on such an amazing sporting event! One that not only bridges the gap between the older and the younger generations on and off the court but bridges the gap between Waukegan, North Chicago and Zion too! Believe it or not there were people in the building representing their Alma Mater that graduated in the 60s!! That’s major!!

Listen, being at the Dog Pound again brought back so many good memories and took me back to high school!! Not to mention, I saw so many people that I haven’t seen in years since I moved away, in real life! Not just on social media which was great! It was almost something like a high school reunion! The funny thing is, I remember playing in that very gym in the 90s representing the Bulldogs Purple Green and Gold!

S/O to all 4 teams and their coaches! The Raiders, Bulldogs, Zee Bees, and Warhawks!! Every last one of the teams came to play and win just so they can have bragging rights until next year’s takeover! The trash talk and showboating was off the chain but all in good fun! Before tip off, Westside “Reggie” Reginald Hugged SANG the National Anthem BABY!! The first game was the Raiders against the ZeeBees and let the ZeeBees tell it, they blew out the Raiders! The second game was the Bulldogs vs the Warhawks! No need to tell y’all who won the 2nd game because y’all already know that the Bulldogs shut the building down with a “W”. It was dope to see the young and the not so young come together as a team to be apart of this movement. But the biggest thing about these teams wasn’t the trash talk and that was BIG but the selflessness and respect for one another! Nobody was trying to show out too extra, it was all fun and games!

Definitely can’t forget to S/O The FlyGirlz!! Look y’all the Flygirlz didn’t come to play, they came with routines and moves for all 4 games! They didn’t miss a beat the whole night! I joked with some of them after the game about how sore they would be the next day! Salute to y’all my sistas, y’all did the dang ole thang! S/O to Stretches Bar and Grill for hosting the Trash Talk and Pancakes and the official Takeover After Party, to Catina Ann Phillips, Kenneth Smith and Pastor Joshua Randolph who were all in the building capturing all the memories and to the vendors in the building selling their merch! Last but certainly not least, The One and Only “X” rocking on the 1s and 2s during the game and at the after party! This weekend was EPIC, definitely one for the books and most definitely represented Positivity, Unity, Friendship and a whole lot of Fellowship. It’s awesome how a game of basketball can do so much for a community! Again a HUGE SALUTE to the organizers and all that participated in making this a success for the 3rd year in a row! If you haven’t had an opportunity to experience the takeover, you are missing out! Can’t wait to see what the 4th Annual will be like!


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