Men of Purpose are Men of CHANGE!

Hips N’💋 is all about CHANGE! Our families and communities are in need of change. We have a passion for Men , Women, and youth. Men come first because they set the foundation. How can we expect our men to lead when they are incarcerated or absent. God created man in his own image. He gave man dominion over the earth! It’s the man’s God given place to lay the foundation for his family. It’s hard to lay a foundation for your family if the head of the household doesn’t know the purpose God set forth for him.

There are conversations that need to be had and these brothers opened the discussion. I️ literally could have ran all around that church just witnessing my brothers speaking on purpose, obedience, and transformation.

Ronald C. Lee Jr. shares his testimony and has used his life as a platform to reach and teach. Ronald’s hometown is Englewood, Il. In 2013, WGN news reported Englewood as one of the most violent cities in Chicago. Today, millennials are taking their communities back! In his own words, Ronald shares, “Tbt. “09” I was 18 on my way to Shawnee. (Shawnee Correctional Facility) I had one year in on a ten year bid. Did 4.5 years came home stayed out for 4.5 months got caught with a gun and went back to the joint for another two years. Came home July 16th 2015 and never looked back.” Ronald earned his high school diploma in a correctional facility. He shared with us that he had to do better for his family. He had no business training but he had FAITH! What I️ love the most about his story is that he laid down EVERYTHING and allowed God to move him. I️ know from my own experience that this is no easy task but with God ALL THINGS ARE POSSIBLE. Ronald made a commitment to change his mindset and go for what he wanted. He is the owner and operator of Motivational Artist clothing line, he speaks at colleges, and gives back to his hometown. When I️ met Ronald he was speaking. He was very passionate on how he leans on God and how God comes through each time. The Young Men’s Empowerment Summit was no different. The room was full of men, young and old. 3 phenomenal game changers sat on the panel.

Quentin Mables, a philanthropist from Englewood. Corey Collins, a leadership development coach also from the south side of Chicago. Byron Sellers, a personal development coach from Hazel Crest,Il.

Quentin spoke on transformation. Transformation was fitting for him because he and Ronald were rivals growing up. To see them both transform their lives from the streets to advocates for the streets was ALL THE WAY LIT!!!!!!!Quentin believes in buying the block back. It’s one thing to be the dude that’s hugging the block but it’s ANOTHER LEVEL when u change your mindset and begin to want better for yourself and those younger than you. Quentin did some time on a gun charge and missed time with his daughter in the process. He vowed to never go back because he wants to be available to his daughter every single day. After he got out of jail he was introduced to I️ grow Chicago where he started his work. Quentin met Robbin Carroll on his block, she had just purchased a home in Englewood. As Quentin introduced himself and they began talking she asked a question,”do you want to take your community back?” His answer was yes!!! He started working with Robbin and within 3 years was named assistant Executive Director and is now Co-Executive Director. The Peace House has programs in gardening, yoga, mentoring, and meditation. They have general social services to meet the varying needs of the Englewood Community. Quentin’s long term goal is to bring forth a Peace Campus. As change agents, we stretch our hands and pray and believe God will do it! Corey Collins word was purpose. Corey lost his mother at the age of 19. At the most transitional time of his life his one constant person was no longer here to advise him. He was told he was a leader and a great speaker. He knew that he had to figure things out for himself. He understood that doing things alone was not easy. He looked up to a good friend Marcus Lucy. Lucy, a certified life coach had also lost his father. Just having someone around that understands your grief is a blessing. Corey became a catalyst for change. He started to understand that it was bigger than his own struggle. He defines himself as a servant leader in Chicago. Purpose is your authentic meaning or being. According to Coach Corey, “Purpose can not be self served, once you make it about you it no longer serves others.” His mission and purpose is to help his clients uncover, identify, and unleash their truest power and potential! Byron Sellers showed us obedience. Byron firmly believes that every individual has the power to be a change agent. Everyone has there own uniqueness. Byron referred to it as your ESSENCE/AURA. He describes your essence as your individual power. Some of us possess this power and uniqueness and we don’t even know it. This is why he is a personal development coach. He wants to pull out your essence by allowing you to let go of your past and live in the now. Byron showed the room just by bringing one guest upfront that she would be considered a bright, intelligent, humble, and obedient young woman. We had not heard her story nor did we know her life but as she stood obedient and willing to volunteer, that told us a lot. A group of people that had never met the young lady described her essence in the room. It was a vibe that she brought with her. THAT’S POWER!!!! This summit was a breath of fresh air. It felt amazing to witness brothers that haven’t had the best life but turned negative into positive. Our youth need to hear from more brothers and they need us to stand in the gap for them. Our families NEED these types of conversations! Our young men need mindset shifts and THESE 4 brothers are making change 1 youth at a time!!!

In speaking to some of the men in the room, I️ spoke on my hometown and the violence that occurs. Although I️ live in Atlanta, I️ have kids and family that still reside in Waukegan, Il. Mothers are losing their children in the streets!! The foundation is all jacked up. Hips N’💋 will bring this conversation Home because it’s necessary. Stay tuned for details and BE THERE to join in the dialogue.

Salute to Ronald, Quinton, Corey, and Byron for standing up and igniting positive change! Thank you to Pastor Eric J White for allowing the summit to be held at Perfected Way Ministries. Hips N’💋Dena

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