Hips N’ Lips Weekend Recap through My Eyes

This year Hips N’ Lips had a whole weekend lined up to bring awareness to the entire community! Friday night was all about our Sistas and Sistership with our 1st Women’s Empowerment Panel “Can You Walk In My Shoes?” When God gave us this vision, the provision and participants for this panel, we knew most of their individual testimonies, however, collectively, we had no idea how our panelists were all aligned in one way or another until it all happened Friday Evening! Our Panelists, Rita “The Ham” Norman Hair and Makeup Extraordinaire, all the way from IL; Elder Candra Yarbough Wheeler, all the way from TN; Author and CEO of several businesses and last but certainly not least, Minister Marshiela Hall, Author, Dancer and CEO didn’t come to play! It was an “AMAYZING” experience to watch our sistas connect right in front of our eyes! I walked away from the panel in awe of God’s Divine alignment and absolutely thankful that every person in that room, was supposed to be there and didn’t leave the same way they came! I left the panel on Friday night on full and humbled by knowing that the panel confirmed that Sistership is a real thing and it does simply start by sharing your story but flourish with loyalty, love and support! 💯

Special shout out to our sista Dr. Darcova Matrice for bringing her FAB-U-LOUS Black and White Painting Collection to bless the guest with! God’s plan was for us to have our sistas come together and share their testimonies to give him all of the glory, just like the word says in Psalm 66:16 “Come and Hear, all who fears God, and I will tell what he has done for my soul.” Lord I thank you for the vessels you sent our way to complete one of your assignments! 🙌🙌 Saturday Morning our teens received a word from Author and Speaker, Shawn Patterson at the Teen Summit! Shawn was very transparent about her upbringing and how she raised her children, just to show these teens that you are not alone, and adults can relate because they went through something similar to that! In this very intimate setting, the teens felt comfortable, they were completely transparent and not afraid to say how they felt about being raised in a single family household, school drama with other students and superiors and purpose! One of the things I know for a fact, isvthat they walked away knowing, every test they are going through right now or have gone through, is all a part of his plan and process, only to equip them to handle the gifts and purpose he gave them! Another thing taken away from the summit, is that they are different and no matter what anybody else have to say about them, they know what God said about them! To God be theGlory!

I must say that the whole weekend I received different revelations from each event, but the finale tho! 🙌🙌🙌🙌 To God be All of the GLORY!! The way God came through that room on that very night, still have us reflecting and thanking him today!

Our talented and just as equally beautiful Hostess, Tonnae Nicole did a marvelous job for ya girls. Tonnae Nicole has been rocking with Hips N’ Lips, since we have been Hips N’ Lips. She has spoken so much life into us and been a God Ordained vessel, that was sent to connect us with other vessels along our journey! With that being said, this year she was one of our D.O.P.E. (Dynamic, Open Minded, Powerful, Empowering) Award Recipients. Tonnae Nicole had us on her radio show for our very first radio interview, her and Rick Fly did our commercial drop and she has been the person to keep us accountable and on track ever since!!

The prayer lead by Jordan is what originally brought the Lord up through there! The Opals Sisterhood of Love Girls shut it down with their Step intro for Hips N’ Lips. Candidate for the Atlanta City Council District 12, Diana Watley gave a quick but mighty word to jump the whole thing off!!

Last year was the very first time I shared my story about my abuse publicly, in front of a crowd of people! This year I shared a little bit more about my abuse and it flowed so freely because I allowed God to use me! It was at that very moment, the holy spirit started to move in me. I found myself hosting the rest of the event displaying this holy boldness about myself that I knew I had, just didn’t know when it would be brought out! Well on that very night, he completely used me and showed me, that I am different because he chose me and I am to use the platforms that he has given me to do this work, like he chose me to do! Romans 12:2 says, Do not conform any longer to the pattern of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind. Then you will be able to test and approve what God’s will is–his good, pleasing and perfect will. As I go back and reflect today, I know without a shadow of a doubt that it was the holy spirit because, honestly, I did not even recognize who that was hosting the rest of the event!

Our Brother Robert Anthony, had the room in tears as he sang and shared how domestic violence affected his life! It was a true blessing to have a man speak for the very first time! God sent him to reach men, to show them how important it is to share your experience! One of our vendors actually reached out to ask if she could share her story! Immediately after speaking with her WE WERE ON FIRE🔥🔥 because she reminded of us ourselves and we really could relate. Ms. Erica Turner, Author, Hairstylist and CEO, shared her story publicly for the first time and boy was it a WORD! She talked about how she witnessed domestic violence growing up and later on in life finding herself in a similar situation, but through it all trusted God. She is now PUSHING THRU Life in her purpose! JESUS 🙌🙌

Canrda Yarbrough Wheeler was our Keynote Speaker last year, also received one of our D.O.P.E. Awards this year! Our sis Candra also has been a supporter, confidant, spirtual advisor, you name it, since we were pregnant with this purpose! She always keep us encouraged to keep God 1st and know that the closer we walk with God the more the enemy comes for us! She keep us and others lifted in prayer daily on the Real Chics Pray, prayer line. She too is an overcomer that is walking in her divine purpose! Won’t he do it!! 🙌🙌

Our Keynote Speaker Yokesha Charmaine Cox ya’ll!! The CEO of Slay Spiritually, Inc, PUSHED THRU and took us through the 4 stages of a butterfly 🦋; the egg, larva, pupa and adult stages in her message! When I tell ya’ll, she is the true definition of a Keynote speaker, she is the true definition of a Keynote speaker!! All she needed was the Topic and the scripture and she took off like a rocket! When she kept saying “If I told you what I required from you would you say Yes? Touched my spirit and resonated in me all night! Her message truly ministered to me in so many different ways, from about how God takes you back to show you how he transitioned you from a victim to a victor and an overcomer; to how marriage is a covenant under God that should be treated as such; and to how disobedience can detour you from God’s plan! It was through God’s divine alignment we met this transparent powerhouse and have been connected ever since!

Definitely can’t leave out all of those who helped us complete another one of God’s assignments! S/O to each and every one of our vendors, the youngest being 8 Years Old, Ms Angela for the delicious desserts and Ms. Lilly for the decorations! Jeremiah Wheeler for assisting with the raffles, the DJ the one and only Ms. Lucretia Doyle, our Berean cousin Amber for coming thru in the clutch, T Baby Designs for the merchandise, Marsy’s Law for their sponsorship and all of our guests! We 💜 you all and was blessed to have you with us on our Kingdom journey!


One thought on “Hips N’ Lips Weekend Recap through My Eyes

  1. Praise God!!!! I️ know that the Lord has his hands on you ladies!!!! Every blog that I️ read blows my MIND! Your words have POWER! Be encouraged! Keep pressing!!!! Keep praying!!! And keep WORKING for Jesus LLC!!!! It’s definitely an honor to know your name! It’s a privilege to pray with you! And it’s comforting to know that we all have the same goals! And that’s to see the body of Christ delivered and set free!!!! Keep your eyes on God! And watch HIM work! I️ love you ladies!!!!



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