Recap of Hips N’💋Weekend & 2nd Annual Purple Light Affair

Hips N’💋 weekend was AB-SOUL-UTELY MIND BLOWING! Leading up to this weekend I allowed God to lead me. I wanted to be totally intentional and obedient to his word. The month of October my focus was putting on the Armor of God DAILY! Ephesians 6:10-18, remaining obedient to God’s commands Deuteronomy 28:1-2 , and trusting and believing God’s word 2Timothy 3:16-17. Real talk, this was hard sometimes but trusting that God’s got you is the gift! Anytime you do as God commands the enemy will do whatever he can to derail you. I learned through the word of God that when chaos and confusion is displayed that’s not of God! 1 Corinthians 14:33-40 He simply don’t roll like that. Friday evening ~To be in his presence with other women who are aligned to his word and not doing things the way they want to is A FIRE IN THE PIT OF YOUR BELLY KINDA FEELING! Confirmation from God brought the widest smile to my face! I would proclaim, “I HEAR YOU LORD!” To be in the presence of women like Candra Yarbrough-Wheeler, Marshiela Hall, and Rita “The Ham” Norman was a true honor! To be around other women aligned with their purpose and willing and ready to share their stories from hitting rocking bottom to pulling themselves up and willing there selves to find their true purpose and OVERCOMING THE OBSTACLES was MAGICAL! To witness other women relating to each other in a way that they too have a story and can share to MOTIVATE and EMPOWER other women!!!!!!!! YASSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!! That is a win for our Father! Each and every woman knew just where their help came from! They knew that DESPITE their past they were PURPOSED for this! That’s TRUE SISTERSHIP! Walking in your truth, allowing God to show you the right way, and making a choice to go with him and not with self! Sisters have to be honest, loving, and loyal to one another. We have to move in love and not be afraid to communicate! So Can You Walk in my Shoes Women’s Empowerment Panel gave me LIFE!!!! Saturday Morning~The teen youth summit was amazing to say the least!!!! Author of Women Who Dare To Dream helped us navigate conversations with teens about struggles in school, sex, absent fathers, and God given gifts!!! Shawn is a motivational speaker, mentor, and passionate women’s ministry leader. She is a mother who knows the struggle of the process of what teens go through! It was a enlightening conversation that showed me that our kids desire to be heard. The Have feeling and can figure things out by having a conversation. The finale:Saturday Evening was the 2nd annual Domestic Violence Event. The Purple Light Affair. The speakers God called for this event were AWE-MAZZZINGGG!!!! For the 1st time we had a Man of God share his testimony of how watching his mom go through domestic violence affected him. There aren’t a lot of men that feel comfortable sharing things like this but Robert Barnes stood up! His testimony brought me to tears the very first time I heard it and it was no different this time. It resonates with me because I know the damage it did to my own children and I thank God for using Robert and thank Robert for allowing God to use him. Erica Turner was not one to be silenced on Oct 28th 2017. For the first time she spoke on domestic violence affecting her and bringing back memories of her parents fighting when she was younger. She was caught in a cycle of abuse and made sure she would BREAK THOSE CHAINS!! I’m happy to be a part of her legacy to break the cycle of domestic abuse off her family. Our keynote speaker Yokesha Cox had to dig deep and do the research before she shared her testimony. She went back to her family’s history. The one reason I loved this is because I’ve been going backwards in my life to find who I’m called to be in the present! I firmly believe in order to get where God wants you, you have to retrace your steps to understand why you endured what you did. It opens your eyes! And you realize the trials became lessons and they were necessary for a time as this! Yokesha is a very blunt speaker that made one point! She learned from her past mistakes of not being obedient to God’s instructions and it brought her to a place where NOTHING OR NO-ONE will ever cause her not to be obedient to Our Father! He sets us up to get that point One Day!!! And when we get it LIFE BEGINS! The purpose of this weekend was to bring the gap of women, youth, and family. Hips N’💋 are grateful to every vendor shared in this event and allows God to move them into their destiny with gifts and talents. Opals Sisterhood of Love graced us with a introduction of sisterhood and got LIT and gave a phenomenal performance! Tonnae Nicole was the hostess with the mostest for your girls and even brought our sister Atlanta City Council Candidate Diana Watley to love on us!! Music was lit 🔥🔥 and our sister Lucretia Doyle, founder of Patricia Ann Doyle Foundation had the 1’s and 2’s on lock! Photography on deck from Zen and dessert and decorations done by Ms Angela! God brought his people together to touch lives! Every last person donated their time and talents to make this event AMAZING with the passion of God in the center! We are forever thankful❤️ I leave you with a word of encouragement , No matter how tough things get God will never leave you nor forsake you and TRUST he will use you as soon as you submit to him😉 What I would love our readers to know about Hips N’💋 is that at the beginning of our journey with our business we didn’t have a clue that this was a baby that God had given us but the closer we got to him the vision became clear that this was a purposed driven ministry in a unique and bold fashion. We learned that God can use lil ol’ us to spread his message! He’s given us the AUTHORITY to walk in the truth and light for his Glory! He made us NEW! In the words of our sister Yokesha Yep, we’re something like a butterfly😉 Royal butterflies to be EXACT! 2 Corinthians 5:17 Now we look inside, and what we see is that anyone united with the Messiah gets a fresh start, is created new. The old life is gone; a new life burgeons! Look at it! Hips N’💋Dena

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