W2W & Associates 4th Annual “Your Journey is Justified” Women’s Empowerment Experience 2K17


The 4TH Annual “Your Journey is Justified” Experience was KINGDOM OFF THE CHAIN!!! Hips N’ Lips met April LaLand-Sentmanat at the Purple Affair in October last year, where she was being honored for Woman-2-Woman & Associate’s (W2WA) contribution to the community, by Tamiko Lowry-Pugh and The Still Standing Foundation. April was awarded the “I Am Every Women Award and since then, we have called her “Auntie!”

April is the Founder of the Faith Based Non-Profit, Woman-2-Woman & Associates which is a Centre where women from all walks of life, receive information, education, and are fed spiritually, especially the women in crisis such as domestic violence, homelessness, and substance abuse. W2WA is April’s baby because she is a survivor of domestic violence and she is an overcomer of substance addiction. For those very reasons, W2WA team’s focus is to “Empower, Educate, Inspire, and Motivate women to grow forward with purpose” by being there for spiritual, emotional, and financial support, by equipping them with the tools to be a “well balanced, educated, spiritually sound member of the community” with purpose.

The Centre of Hope offers several services such as Workshops, the “Dressed & Blessed” Clothing Closet, Temporary Housing, Career Development, Domestic Violence Resources, Women’s Health Awareness, Licensed Counseling, Food/Utility Assistance, Vet-2Vet Program and so much more. That is why Hips N’ Lips are so blessed to play a significant role in Auntie’s vision as a Board Member and as a Chair Woman for W2WA.

For the last 4 years, W2WA host an Empowerment Experience, to empower, educate, network and bless those in crisis in the surrounding communities. This year Hips N’ Lips were asked to be Exclusive Bloggers and Pink Carpet Media.

W2WA had a magnificent line up of entertainment and speakers; the best food and raffled gifts! Not to mention, that this experience was free to attend. When I tell you, the room was on FIRE for JESUS way before the conference started!!!! REALLY!! ON FIRE FOR JESUS OKAYYYYYYY!!!!

When Chief Judge Wanda L. Dallas of the Magistrate Court of Clayton County and the ladies ALL THE WAY from Mississippi “Connected Hearts” came in and pushed thru, there was a complete shift in the atmosphere!!! Those ladies stepped in the room ready to WORSHIP AND RELEASE!!!!! There was praising, worshiping, crying, praying, singing, and shouting going on in the room, as the guest started to arrive.

The Emcee was none other than TV and Movie Actress Nevaina Rhodes. She kept the crowd laughing but also dropping gems every now and then with her real-life stories throughout the entire event. Nevaina did a affirmations exercise with the crowd where we repeated after her, “ WE ARE BEAUTIFUL, WE ARE WORTHY, you get the picture. That was AMAZING!!!! As women, we must affirm ourselves DAILY!!! It’s so easy for us to lose ourselves in everyday living!!! SPEAK OVER YOURSELF! It works!

The blessing was done by Bonita Haskins who’s the Chief Operating Officer at W2WA; April’s Right Hand Wo(man), Friend, Twin Sister in Life, and Confidant since 85. Bonita plays an intricate role in April’s life as she has always been the one who would put her arm out and say, “WAIT Let me go before you and make sure everything is perfect” and never allowed April throw in the towel when times got rough. April and W2WA gave away intangible and tangibles; Awards, flowers, gifts, makeovers, and clothes the entire experience.

Singer Dileesa Archer came thru and blessed the guest with her anointed voice singing “I look to You” by the late great Whitney Houston.

Mia Williams the Founder of “Sisters By Heart” came with the word about “Divine Destiny!” Sisters by Heart is a Faith Based Non-Profit Network/Outreach Ministry that meet once a month, in a safe and intimate place for women to come share their journey; they are taught to embrace their individuality, creativity and deepness with confidence; they are encouraged, reconciled, and strengthened. “Destiny is a place where you expect to be, it’s a place in our future. DIVINE Destiny, is FOR or LIKE God, that is what makes your destiny different. Mia left us with reference to our past and our now stating, “That was then, this is now and the best is yet to come. Everything that you endured was necessary for you to reach your destiny.”

Previous client Erica Braxton shared her testimony about how she has overcome drug and alcohol abuse, but the always knew that she had something greater than her and that God put her in a place so she can be a vessel. She also spoke about the impact that April and W2WA has made on her life and knows that if she ever needs anything she can 911 April and how April has always led her back to God. Erica is out here in the community advocating, helping families file paperwork in Chief Judge Dallas courtroom on a regular basis, helping them to win their cases, advocating for our sisters by “letting them know that you do not have to be out here selling your body, do it the right way and as long as you are doing it the right way, God is going to bless you.” Erica loves kids and has been blessed with a 24-hour daycare. Erica has now joined the W2WA team and has gone from a client to a part of the organization!!! WON’T HE DO IT!!!!!!!!

Stephanie Ford, the Founder of Area in Need Missionary House hit the guest with the 3 P’s Purpose, Plan and Provision!!! Area in Need Missionary House purpose and mission is to feed the homeless and serve the needy, while bringing love and hope back to the community. Stephanie stated “no matter what you been through, God still has a purpose for your life! The very thing that broke you will prepare you for your purpose. Anything that you can’t do by yourself is your calling, your calling makes room for others.” She was transparent and shared that for 10 years, she ran from God but when she went to go see her niece get baptized, “he met her at the church” and no longer after that, she got baptized and he started speaking to her. It was the holy spirit that told her to “help my children” and he began to give her visions on how to do it and has been with her every step of the way.

The F.E.A.R.L.E.S.S. Founder, LaQuisha Haywood came all the way down here from Detroit MI to give a mighty word about how God has continued to be her healer and how thru it all she learned to live AUTHENTICALLY FEARLESS. FEARLESS is “Facing Every Adversity Realizing Life’s Experiences Surrender Strength.” LaQuisha has been battling Sickle Cell for a mighty long time. Just this year in April, the doctors told her mother to plan her funeral, but GOD! One week prior to coming to Atlanta to complete God’s assignment to speak at THIS VERY event, she was hospitalized again and once again the doctors discounted God when they told her that she may not make it to her 30th birthday. BUT GOD STEPPED IN AGAIN and guess what??? She just CELEBRATED HER 30TH BIRTHDAY, September 11, 2017!!! TO GOD BE THE GLORY!

Sha Miracle Demus came and blessed the crowd with Mark 5:25-43 about the woman with the issue of blood. Sha Miracle Demus is the Founder of Jazzy Jewels and was mentored by April. “No matter what your issue is God can fix it, many of us have suffered at the hands of other people and God says NO MORE NOT TODAY! He said because I am passing by! Will you touch him? Are you willing to touch him today?” Sha Miracle Demus shut it down right before the break!


The Soapbox Prophet Mrs. Tracee Smith Randall did not hesitate to have the room lit for Jesus when she came thru with Water is Stirred message and what she calls her “Soapbox.” Hundreds of lame people were sitting by this pool for 30 plus years; waiting on a miracle. “In this particular pool, only one person at a time would receive a miracle and be healed and then guess what happened??? Jesus came down!! There was a man sitting on the side the pool for 37 years and he never received his miracle because nobody ever helped him in the water. He asked the man, do you want to be healed? The man replied when he would try to go someone would always go before him. Jesus said take up your bed and walk and the man did and was healed! Tracee could relate so well to this story because she had to speak over her own life. and she spoke to everyone in the room!!! She says, it wasn’t my time yet, it was never my turn yet, but I’ve been waiting.” You are in miracle territory, what are you waiting for?? There is nothing holding you back from what is waiting for you! God has a purpose on your life!! It is your time!! It is your time!!! It is your time!!!! God can take you where the Giants can’t defeat you! The enemy told me my entire life, what I am not, I am not Good enough, I am not bold enough, I am not pretty enough, I am not smart enough but then I started to put what God had to say about me in my mouth; I am! I am; I am beautiful, I am powerful, I am courageous, I am strong! It is time for all of us to step into our purpose. Tracee ended off with sharing an experience that happened during the lunch break. As she was telling the story, she called the young lady Deja to the stage. She said “I met this sweet little girl in the line and she told me that I love to sing but I am beginning to think it’s never gonna happen for me! I said well how old are you? Because I believe at 57 years old, I can’t ever say that what God has for me isn’t for me, and it’s never too late. When people say you can’t, just remember this 57-year-old woman told you that God got it in your belly and he is gonna bring it out. This young lady told me that she prays without ceasing and guess what, as long as we keep reaching out to him and asking him “Nothing happens ever happens in mediocracy, nothing great ever happens in of your comfort zone! Tracee told the young lady, “You are going to sing, you’re gonna sing for his glory, you are going to be walking in your purpose.” Hips N’ Lips booked Deja immediately to sing at their next event!!!!!! Be on the lookout for Ms. Deja!!!!


Let us tell ya’ll! The presence of the Lord was in that building!!!!!! Once Tracee Smith Randall dropped the mic the Singer/Entertainer Xavier Lewis came thru and blessed the crowd with his musical talents.

Xavier first started to sing in the church choir and has worked alongside of singers like Prince, Take 6, Brian McKnight and honed his craft by touring with the gospel choir Dynamic Praise. He started it off with his own rendition of Sam Cooke’s “A Change is Gonna Come.” This was one of thee most powerful moments of the experience hands down. While he was singing this song, the young lady that Tracee Smith Randall talked about was touched and was crying her little eyes out. He walked up to her and hugged her as he sang and she just broke down crying! That very moment changed her life forever!!! He had no idea what just happened in that room before he came in to sing. He kept killing it with old school songs, Al Green Let’s Stay Together, then he turned it up a notch with singing the Gap Band’s Outstanding to the Back that Thang up beat and slowed it back down again with John Legend’s ordinary people. Simply AHHHHHH-MAZZING!!!!

Sister Danielle Patrice came and shared a testimony. She was another one of April’s Mentees and she has an anointing over her life like no other. Weeks prior to her speaking at this event, Danielle was locked up but because she is Woman of God she put the Armor of God on and she prayed her way thru and shook that devil off. You think that made the devil mad, how mad do you think he was when the other inmates joined her?? BIG MAD!!! Danielle Patrice had no idea that Tracee Smith Randall will prophesize over her life and tell her that she will write an award-winning book one day! NOTHING BUT GOD!!!


The Keynote Speakers “BIG DAWG” as April affectionately calls him, Pastor Daniel Fagan and Co-Pastor First Lady Mary A. Fagan, finished blowing the roof off the building when they gave the anointed word about Rahab the prostitute Joshua 2:1-21 Big Dawg started out “God works through people like Rahab; we are all inclined to reject. I don’t look like where I came from, don’t look like what I been through. Rahab teaches us that she was inclined to help people because she realized something had been put in her. Rahab came from somewhere and in spite of, you too have come from somewhere as well. Rahab is a relative of Boaz, her kin folk redeemed her, Boaz was already fit to receive Rahab; but not only was she a relative of Boaz, she was an ancestor of David and Jesus. Some of ya’ll have good relatives and good families, and good friends that went around and talked about you, turned their backs on you, left you when you needed them the most, but Guess what? You’re a relative of Jesus, you are related to David and you still affiliated with Boaz! If God had a purpose and plan for Rahab HE HAS THE SAME FOR YOU!!!!! Rahab had a weakness, her weakness was, she was a prostitute. Rahab still had a purpose, Rahab was still a prostitute but God was still God. Rahab still didn’t let fear affect her faith. We all been thru it, we got the t-shirt, we got the medals, but did it still affect your faith. Are you still gonna stand, are you still gonna go on, are you still gonna step in the water? Are you still gonna let God be God or what you gone do?” Then he passed the mic off to Co-Pastor Mary A.Fagan and she immediately went to WORK!!!!!!!

Pastor Mary PUSHED THROUGH with the word shouting, “My God, My God, what you gonna do up in here? Somebody got a destiny, you better get you a backbone and stand on your purpose! You better get up and go be about your Father’s business and show who you belong to! You aint always been saved, sanctified and filled with the holy spirit! Nothing was stopping you when you was hitting up the club and hitting the floor it like was HOTT! Rahab refused to let fear block her faith, she refused to let fear to have her paralyzed. Somebody may have told you, but I am here to tell you that IT IS OVER NOW. Rahab was a hooker, a harlot, a prostitute, she used her body to get what she needed for her family. Somebody has been there and you used what God gave you to get what you needed, but you don’t have to do it no more. When somebody I remember when, stop them in their tracks! It doesn’t matter where you start but it all about where you finish. Somebody in here may not carry the title but you know what you been doing, but I am here to break them walls down today. Somebody needs to know that I used to be on the streets but I am not there today, I used to lie, but I aint lying no more, I used to didn’t have but I have today. In the book of Joshua it said that Rahab used to talk to the men about their God, she heard about the power of their God, she heard about the deliverance from their God, she heard about the protection and the provision of their God. But she leaves Joshua’s land and went to Hebrew land. Somebody told my little self that I would never be anything, somebody told my little self that I was ugly, somebody told my little self that nobody wanted me. But I stopped by to tell you that I have cast away all of the things those have told me, I am somebody, I belong to somebody, somebody wanted me, I am delivered, I am powerful, I am healed, I am saved, I am righteousness! Just because people look at you as trash, just because people think you are trash, you need to know you are the treasure and a keepsake! Don’t worry about what he said, or she said, or he did, or what she did, you belong to God. BUT IT IS OVER NOW, IT IS OVER NOW!!! Some of us do not know who our daddy is but TODAY, I AM HERE TO TELL YOU, IT DON’T MATTER BECAUSE HE IS YOUR DADDY. Can’t nobody do you like him. Don’t nobody want you like God want you. I used to ask him all the time, WHY ME and I started saying WHY NOT ME? The same God that rescued Rahab is the same God that can rescue me. A sister in here today need to know that you are gonna live too because God aint finished with you yet. Weeping may endure for a night, but joy cometh in the morning!” AFTER she shook the walls down nothing but worship and praise from everyone in the building!!!! This ANOINTED couple came through and shut IT DOWN IN THE NAME OF OUR FATHER!!! They LIT A FIRE that would not GO OUT anytime soon!!!! That word was EVERLASTING!!!

MY GOD, MY GOD, MY GOD! This was by far the most powerful experience Hips N’ Lips has attended yet. This blog is also the longest blog we have ever wrote. It was SO much DELIVERANCE AND POWER in this room that you KNEW AND FELT GOD’s presence!!! We don’t know about you but for US, these are the types of events WE WANT TO BE IN ATTENDANCE!!!!

A huge thank you W2WA for having us. We were able to pray, encourage, and uplift our sisters and it was A AB-SO-LUTE GREAT TIME!!!!!

Hips N’Lips

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