God Made a 💎!! FINALE❤️

Two things necessary to form a diamond is heat and pressure! Sometimes all I feel in life are heat and pressure! There was a time that if I felt the heat too close I would fan at it, try to blow it away, or run from it and totally disturb the process! When pressure come I would EXPLODE and interrupt the entire process. Becoming a diamond is a long, hard, and stressful process. It’s a job that starts from the time God wakes me up and starts over day after day.

The VICTORY is in knowing which of the 4 C’s you fall under. There are 4 characteristics you would want to look for in a diamond. Most important is the CUT. A diamond that’s cut at just the right proportions, not too deep or shallow will have more brilliance. The better the cut the more SPARKLE you get. The second most important is the COLOR. Now, the less color the higher grade of diamond you have. Next, comes CLARITY. Tiny imperfections are called inclusions or blemishes, flawless diamonds are rare. Inclusions are not visible to the naked eye. The last one is CARAT. Some of us think the bigger the better, truth is a 1 carat we’ll cut diamond can look larger than a poorly cut diamond of the same weight.I say that to say this. I know my lane and now that I’m staying the course, life with heat and pressure is not as bad as it used to be. 

My C’s are CUT and CLARITY. I have endured cuts in life, but they were not deep enough to kill me and the were shallow enough not to show!! Domestic Violence , teen mother, my parents divorce, issues with my kids, turmoil in my marriage, issues with family, not feeling like I was worthy, rejection and SO MUCH MORE we’d be reading until the end of time. They were cuts but I PUSHED THROUGH! I have many inclusions and blemishes. They are not visible to the naked eye but GOD sees them! My clarity sometimes is smeared like fingerprints on a glass table BUT I OWN THEM. When I take the windex and clean that table my CLARITY RETURNS!!! By the grace of God he gives me the time within his process to clean the table! Clarity for me means that I’m NO WHERE NEAR PERFECT and I never want to be. I simply just want to do what God tells me to do.

I know there are 4 C’s but God showed me that the 2 belong to my process at this moment. Your process may be different but you can gain some perspective from God in ANYTHING! I am a diamond now because with GOD I CAN STAND TALL IN THE HEAT AND THE PRESSURE WITHOUT running, trying to fan at it, or EXPLODING! God is my SOURCE AND HE MAKES THE IMPOSSIBLE POSSIBLE! Not a DIME JUST GOD’s DIAMOND. I encourage you to know that NO MATTER WHAT WITH GOD EVERYTHING IS BETTER! You have someone to love you UNCONDITIONALLY and he makes a lighted path for us all that leads straight to HEAVEN! The JOURNEY IS OURS FOR THE TAKING!! Just ENROLL🙌🏽🙌🏽❤️ 💎
Hips N’💋DENA

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