Hips N’ πŸ’‹ XCLUSIVE: The 6th and Final Strut Awards 2017

Hips N’ Lips were invited to be the Exclusive Bloggers for the 6th and Final Strut Awards held at the Fernbank Museum. The finale was an entire STRUT-a-lious weekend and was nevertheless STRUT-TASTIC. Friday night kicked off with a meet and greet at Wheat on Wings. We shared stories, we ate, we cried, we danced, we played games and bonded. It was a great way to get to know Dr. Darcova and all of the other lovely ladies. Mind you, Dr. Darcova Triplett reached out to us on social media after reading one of our other blogs, so this was the first time we met her. Saturday was the main event The 6th and Final Strut Awards and Sunday the ladies attended our church Berean Christan Church in Stone Mountain and met up for brunch at the restaurant Arizonas.


The Strut Movement was birthed 6 years ago; Dr. Darcova also the Editor and Chief of Strut! The Magazine, has always honored women who were strutting in their purpose with the 3 c’s Confidence, Competence, and Conviction. For the finale, Dr. Darcova nominated 19 phenomenal women, who were introduced by past recipients of Strut Awards. To hear the acceptance speeches from these women and to hear them speak life back into Dr. Darcova for thinking they were worthy or enough to be considered as an honoree. All of the ladies spoke on a reason why they STRUT, each of them had an amazing reason why they STRUT and a unique story about their experience with Dr. Darcova. During the course of the Strut movement, legacies were discovered, birthed, and elevated, thanks to the vision of Dr. Darcova. Some women brought their mothers, daughters, sons and husbands to witness them get their Strut Award. Some of the women flipped the script and presented Dr. Darcova with a little something something themselves. One of the touching moments of the entire event was to see our SISTA “Yokesha Charmaine Cox” accept her award with her teenage daughter by her side and said “her daughter being there with her to receive her award was breaking a cycle.” JESUS Another one of the most memorable moments of the STRUT awards was when Dr. Darcova played her documentary about the journey of becoming a Dr. named “Highly Educated Unapologetically”

The entertainment between the awards were nothing short of amazing. From Brother Harold Outley blessing the crowd with an amazing spoken word. This brother is from Detriot MI painted a picture so the crowd could understand the life of a young black man growing up in Detroit. To the young and uber talented Asia Martin who has a heck of a resume. To the young ladies and young fellow who showed their dancing and gymnastic talents with Kameo Productions. LAST but certainly not LEAST, our sister Marshiela Hall shut the house DOWN with her praise dance to an original song “I’m Free” by Prophetess Latrice Williams, who was in the building! Prophetess Latrice was in awe and beyond honored said she was truly blessed, as was the audience.

Covering the 6th and final Strut Awards was a first for Hips N’ Lips ever and we can only imagine what the previous 5 awards ceremonies were like!! The Strut movement has come to an end, however another movement is in the process of being birthed I’m sure. As Bishop Brian Macon Sr stated in his closing remarks, right before they SHUT THE LIGHTS OFF, the Bishop said when he spoke in that very room years ago, there was a bumblebee flying around him and now it all makes sense. Dr. Darcova started off strutting now she is ready to spread her wings and FLY! We salute you my SISTA! We are so honored to be a part of your end, and even more honored to be a part of your NEW BEGINNINGS!!!

For a private viewing of ‘Highly Educated. Unapologetically’ Dr. Darcova’s documentary or to be included in special events and educational workshops, contact Dr. Darcova Matrice at 702-689-8516, via email at DarcovaTriplett@gmail.com or on Facebook at Darcova Matrice.

Hips N’ πŸ’‹

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