Michelle Harris,

Founder of The Acts of Cooking is a Mother and Grandmother devoted to loving her family back to life with her talent and gift of cooking. Michelle cooked as a child to escape drama going on in her home. It was her way of coping. She learned to love the act of cooking as she sat alongside her Grandmother and learned how to mimic her in the kitchen. The wisdom she got from just sitting at her grandmother’s feet is something she will forever cherish.

Michelle has had some challenges thrown at her along her journey. A teen mom at 19, she ended with 3 bouncing baby boys over a course of time. Matthew, Timothy Jr, and Octavius. Having her children at a young age wasn’t easy but she hung on to the only thing she knew, FAITH! There were many times she didn’t know what to do or what to think but the foundation of the word was in her. At 30, she married her youngest son’s father. Caring for her family was a joy. Isaiah 54:17 says No weapon formed against you shall prosper. It didn’t say there would be no weapons formed but they would never prosper. Michelle conquered and called out victory in every situation that was tossed her way. Some days she didn’t know whether she was coming or going.

When life as a wife became stressful, it took the happy out of their home. Michelle would be so frustrated with her circumstances that she no longer felt like cooking was a calming source. It became a chore that she would rather not do. She wasn’t in the mood to cook when she felt angry, hurt, and depressed. After going through life as a Mom and wife, she began to lose focus on the very things that kept her sane. Her passion for cooking became less and less. She would cook but it was no longer a passion. It was more like a chore she despised. Losing something that gave her such a calming feeling was like missing a piece of herself. Slowly, she found a way to get that feel-good feeling back. Everyone has that one person that hosts every family dinner, holiday dinner, fight party, etc. That Michelle!!! She opens her home to her friends and family and host like none other. She will set out little delicate plates of appetizers and the conversation always flows so easily and laughter not far behind. She has a special knack to serve and host. Her passion was slowly coming back and she did what made her feel her best. She continues to serve and show awesome hospitality to anyone present.

Michelle is an accounting major that works for Linde healthcare. She has been devoted and always stands 10 toes down for her family no matter what the circumstances were. She understands the consequences of making bad choices and anytime a situation presents itself, she will get down on her knees and pray her way through. After so many challenges she still STANDS! Divorced, a single mother, and a grandmother now, she has finally tapped into her God-given purpose. The Acts of Cooking.
The Acts of Cooking is a podcast she created with the help of her Uncle Terry Harris. Acts of Cooking is the art of making simple dishes stand out and the art of using breakfast, lunch, or dinner as time spent to love on family. Michelle will take a simple meal of hot dogs and add her personal touch to make it a 5- star meal paired with the perfect wine. The purpose of this hospitality and food ministry is to get the family back to the table. If the family is at the table there is communication, love, and fellowship. The warmth and ambiance is just what families need to build that strong foundation and Acts of Cooking is IT!!!!!!!!! Join Michelle Harris, and learn how to make and embrace comfort foods and wine pairings to serve your family and lay the foundation of love surrounding cooking.

The Acts of Cooking w/ Michel Harris coming soon❤️

For more information email Michelleharris5174@gmail.com

2 thoughts on “Hips N’💋 XCLUSIVE: Michelle Harris~ THE ACTS OF COOKING

    1. Beautiful story!! Michelle just broke the glass ceiling !! Totally can’t wait for this. Thankful for the new ideas to bring us back to our dinner table 🌸

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