Purpose Powerhouse LLC  founder Kia Baxter did her thang with this conference OK!!!!! Kia brought out 11 different POWERHOUSE speakers to give life to a room full of women. Woman from all walks of life with one common goal, to walk in their GOD given purpose and to LEVEL UP!!!!!!! 

The conference started Friday evening and would continue Saturday. Friday night was a treat because Hips N’💋 was front and center to support our big sister, Candidate for Atlanta City Council Diana Watley and her awesome campaign manager and our hometown girlfriend Tonnae Nicole was in the building!! It’s always a treat when we see them. We will always show our love and support for those ladies. Tonnae was a open book of knowledge for Hips N’💋 from the very beginning.  She gets us together honey and we love her for believing in us!

Diana Watley is Atlanta’s Top motivational speaker and she started that thang off right!!! You hear me?!?!??!?! Diana spit fire of love and direction to myself and my sisters. She encouraged sisters to “avoid arrogance and apply humbleness!” The key to sistership is to know who you are and position yourself appropriately. Diana went all the way in and zoomed in to how our social media esteem is bigger than our GOD esteem!!!!! Now listen here!!! This ministered to me because I won’t forget maybe 2/3 years ago, it was a sista on Facebook and everything was The Lord this the Lord that!! This sista got on my nerves!!!! I would be like GURL you ain’t got that much God in you! Keepin it 💯, I wasn’t even good with myself at that time. That was  the TRUE reason I was so irritated with my sista!!!! Today, I’M HER because you can’t shut me up about my GOD!!!! As much as he has done for me WHY WOULD I KEEP THAT TO MYSELF?  SISTERSHIP is necessary. We can do so much more together and it is a blessing!! I’m a witness! 

Marshiela Hall, author of The Pit of Purpose spoke on how her struggles in life were necessary in order for her to level up and live in the purposed life God called upon her. She is a super amazing speaker and true woman of God! Neka Scott-Arnold, founder of Diamonds and Pearls Sisterhood came through with MASKOFF! She was very transparent on how we as women look good on the outside! BEAT to the God’s, but we tore up on the inside! She spoke on the importance of us taking the mask off and walking in our truth! That’s HEALING!!!! Neka encouraged us to walk in authority like the WARRIOR WOMEN God called us to be. Nathalie Nicole,  founder of Women Who Boss was front and center to support the Level up movement! Nathalie has always had the heart to be her own boss from her younger years all the way through her college years at Howard University! She’s still bossing up with multiple businesses and is always sharing her wealth of knowledge! It was a treat as Nathalie interviewed Velma Trayham, author of When God Say Go. Velma is also the CEO of Thinkzilla. Velma shared her insight on how no matter what you do when God speaks you must do as he instructs! When you deviate from his instructions and do things your way you may learn a valuble lesson on why u needed to listen and be obedient! 

The highlights for me were 2 millenials Diamond, The BrandPsychologist and Tiara , millenial CEO. They are two young women that helps millenials build their brand and businesses!! They spoke on how they are currently rebuilding their mothers brands!!! That was so DOPE!!!! Hips N’ 💋 cannot wait for the opportunity to connect with them as we absolutely LOVE working with the young folk😍! Another highlight for me was Dr. Alexius  Branch, The Finance fashionista. Dr. Lexi hosted the conference and was PHENOMENOL!!!!!! She was snatched from beginning to end!!! What really blessed me was the quick moment we shared talking about our young inspiring sons who are both in entertainment! It was refreshing to know we shared a similar story. I was not too happy about my son wanting to rap! It’s a scary industry!!! I wanted him to do gospel rap🤣!!! He wasn’t hearing it and I had to take myself back to my younger years and I had to support his dreams! I choose to pour into him about understanding that God gave him a gift and he is to handle that gift with care! Dr. Lexi related with the struggle! I was blessed by her! 
Kia Baxter has built a STRONG connection for women! The Powerhouse Connect is a uplifting and motivating movement for women to unite and succeed!!  We encourage each other through obstacles in life and business and celebrate each other!!! There is no hating on one another and no competition! The Powerhouse Connect is a sisterhood rooted in SISTERSHIP!!!!! As I watched Kia move throughout the conference you can truly see fulfillment in her eyes and passion radiate from her! She was totally in her God given element! THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR YOUR VISION POWERHOUSE😘😘

Hips N’💋DENA

Like Hipsn💋Dena said Kia Baxter did the most amazing job with the line up of women she had come through to bless and and encourage us women to LEVEL UP! 🙌🙌 The 11 women all showed up and showed out! The female DJ kept us 🔥!  Diana jumped that thang off on Friday and dropped the mic but Saturday!!! GIRL, baby bye! The beautiful and lovely spirited songstress Chimere Scott and a live band got us turnt up and empowered through her voice! 💯

 Tamiko Lowry Pugh “The Empowering Diva” also known as “Money Miko” back in the day and I most definitely can’t leave out Author of Wounds to Wisdom, I’m Still Standing blessed us with 5 ways to turn our Wounds to Wisdom 1) admit emotional pain 2) let go of what used to be and no longer is 3) view every wound as an educational assignment 4) give yourself permission to forgive and 5) embrace the stronger and new version of you! Tamiko is the Founder of The Still  Standing Foundation that helps women in domestic situations! Hipsn💋 actually met Tamiko last October for the first time, at her Still Standing Purple Affair.  We were actually invited to cover the event as Media! Now that I think about it, this was our first gig! She has been an inspiration to us ever since! She is an advocate that goes to the courthouse to get domestic violencs laws passed, she is a real DOPE individual. 

I want to say, one of my highlights of the event is when Toya “Tprissy” Exnicious, author of “Wear The Skirt” gave it to us straight NO CHASER! When she walked up there the 1st thing she said was “I love my trap music!” She IMMEDIATELY got my attention! Because I can relate! I go from Gospel to trap music in heartbeat! Don’t judge me! Toya didn’t come to play either, and she was sooo transparent and I love her for that! She is saved with a hint ratchet!!!! I 💜 it! She is my biblical ratchet queen and she doesn’t even know it! Toya dropped them nuggets on us ladies about not being where you want to be, but you are in the race! “Maybe your situatuon isn’t completely changed but you are on that path, your in the process, take it one day at a time and definitely give yourself a break. You are enough right where you are! Stop comparing yourself to other people, you don’t know, they can be excelling outside of the will of God.” Before Ms.Toya dropped the 🎤 she left us with “trust the process because sometimes your gifts will take you where character can’t keep you!” How powerful is that?? YEA, I know keep repeating it until you understand it! 💯

The finale of the conference was another highlight for me! Pastor Sabrina Mckenzie the “Dancing Preacher” and S Dvine Scott the “Traveling Prophet” SHUT THAT THANG ALL THE WAY DOWN!” S Dvine Scott spoke on in order to find your purpose somtimes you have to go back to your childhood to find it. Pastor Sabrina asked us “how many of us in there are bold enough to go after what God wants us to have?” She quickly reminded us that we are the head not the tail, because he sees us in heavely places! Although, THEY say you don’t have the pedigree, you don’t have the degree or the experience, doesn’t mean you aren’t BOLD enough to step in and say, it doesn’t matter what you think because I am God’s daughter! “Give the Girls what they want.” She also encouraged us to change our mindset to stop thinking just because you don’t have nothing, because you don’t have books or the money, you don’t have anybody to affirm you, confirm you, or you don’t have a mentor that means absolutely nothing! You can’t worry about it or pay attention to that, let it go because you are his daughter! Before she preached that thang, she and other intercessors laid hands on, spoke in tongues, pulled out the oil and helped women release whatever it is holding them back from leveling up! I can’t put it into words just look at the picture below! 

The other highlight to me was to finally meet Raychel Olgetree a Facebook friend that I never met in real life and to have the opportunity to tell her that I live to see her post. It was great to chop it up with her because we learned that she just recently started a blog and she may need our help! 🙌

The entire month of June we attended conference after conference and we are very grateful! We will forever remember and do our best to apply it. THANK YOU TO Kia Baxter for being obedient and adhering to God and the vision he gave you to make this conference a SUCCESS! Everyday we are working and grinding to LEVEL UP! When you see the hashtag #Tooslick and #oiledup just know it pertains to this conference! Referring 1 Kings 17:7-16 Elijah and the widow. 


Be sure to follow all of these awesome ladies on social media!❤️

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