Hipsn💋 Xclusive: “Pastor Kimberly Jones Pothier Straight Outta Excuses Conference 2017”

Pastor Kim Jones Pothier is DA TRUTH!! Hear me when I say this! SHE IS THE TRUTH! I ran across her videos on Facebook and just cracked up because she was so loud and keeps it all the way real!!! Not to mention she always has different color hair and wears TU TU’s🙌🏽🙌🏽❤️. My KINDA GIRL💯❤️

She instantly became my GO TO when I needed a good word! When folks was tap dancing on my nerves, she had something to get me back on God’s track! Whenever I needed to get my life all the way together I’d pull up YouTube and search REAL TALK KIM! She’s like the big sister that Snatch you up and shake you when you acting a fool and back it up with scripture! 🤷🏽‍♀️She has been through so much but CONQUERED HER HELL IN 👠, picked herself up, and stood on God’s word!!!!!!! She will tell you the truth, It wasn’t easy but IT WAS ALL IN GOD’S PLAN.

The Straight Outta Excuses Conference 2k17 was EVERYTHING for me!  Friday night we walked in to vendors galore. There were health vendors, jewelry vendors, authors, clothing vendors, organic smell goods, t-shirt vendors and so much more. It gave me so much life to see others there living in their purpose and doing work they love!! 

The conference opened with amazing spoken word from Rock Paper Scissors founder Kristal Clark. 

Pastor Kim came with a powerful word and urged us to turn our “scars into stars”! I was blessed beyond words. I’m thankful God downloads such powerful messages to Pastor Kim so she can pass it right on to us!! She keeps it 💯 and meets people where they are and loves on them with the truth of God’s words.

We returned Saturday morning and had the pleasure of interviewing some of the volunteers and vendors. Working Pastor Kim’s t-shirt line were two young ladies! I asked them what the liked about Pastor Kim and here’s what they said; Kenadi-age 12- said she loves kim style and the way she does things and Psalm-age 9 said how funny she is❤️❤️ Vendors came from all over and it was amazing to hear stories of how they started and unique details of their businesses.  

Let me be honest. The week prior to the conference wasn’t a good one. I was struggling because I felt likeI was trapped and couldn’t be myself! Sometimes we make a whole production of what God expects from us when it’s simple! He wants us to believe and obey and everything else HE GOT!!! It was a spirit of doubt all over me! When Pastor Kim’s brother Rob came through he encouraged us that GOD WILL USE ANYBODY!!!!! He poured into us to walk in Authority because God gave it to us!!!! I was left feeling like a weight was being lifted off my heart!!!! 

My final thoughts and the finale sealed everything up like nice pretty present! God led Pastor Kim and her intercessors to lay hands on everyone in the sanctuary. As Pastor Rob laid hands and prayed for me he prophesied that I am unique and will walk in my boldness and reach those that others cannot reach!!!  WHEWWWWWWW!!!!!!!!!!! WON’T HE DO IT!  I never thought God could or even would use little ol’ me! I still have work to do and I’m far from perfect but if he used the woman at the well HE CAN CERTAINLY USE ME AND HE CAN USE YOU TOO!!

Hips N’💋Dena

Let me start by saying I had no idea we were booked for the event until a few days before! Now don’t get me wrong, I follow Pastor Kim Jones Pothier on social media and I knew the event was coming up but it never crossed my mind that lil ole Hips N’ Lips, would be in the building for real for real! First of all, this was the first conference I’ve ever attended, so walking in, I really didn’t know what to expect. Friday night Pastor Kim had the entire place on fire 🔥🔥🔥when she spoke, Kristal from Rocks Paper Scissors in Tacoma, WA blessed us a Powerful spoken word. Pastor Kim took pictures and chopped it up with all of the guest!  Words cannot even describe how I felt when I left that building Friday night, I felt so free and full 🙌! 

We met so many wonderful God Fearing people from the Vendors, Greeters, Ushers, and other Guests! The presence of the lord was defintely all up and thru there. Our favorite greeter Perry greeted us with so much love from the first day! Everytime she seen us she shouted out “Hipsn💋!”

Saturday, I thought I knew what to expect but of course I was wrong! Pastor Kim”s brother is also a Pastor and he preached about cracked pots and how even though the pot is cracked doesn’t make it useless! God will use you cracked or broken🙌 because he used them in the condition he found them in! One thing Pastor Rob said that resignated in me was “you are already empowered, not because of who you are but because of who he is! And because of the position he placed you in. You already have everything you need to access the greatness God has on your life.” Pastor Rob and Pastor Kim keep it all the way 💯 and they are so transparent and relatable! 

After Pastor Rob blessed us with his word, Pastor Kim had a Q&A session with 1 of her son’s up on the stage with her and when I tell you that she kept it real, raw, and 💯, she did just that! The 🔥 moment of the day is when she had a dance contest and they were dancing to I Luhh God! 🤣 

The highlight of the entire conference, came at the end, Pastor Kim, her family (husband, father, mother, brother) and her intercessor laid hands. It was amazing to see all of these people release their problems and burdens and surrender it all over to him. Her father laid hands on me and prayed that I release whatever is holding me back from fully living my God given purpose. I don’t think I cried that much in my life like I did that weekend! That conference was a complete confirmation that we are on the right track with Hipsn💋 and everything we do is because of him. Leaving there on Saturday, I felt empowered, inspired,  most certainly closer to God and ready to walk into my purpose with AUTHORITY! 


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