XCLUSIVE:Alea Cardenas #Hipsn💋Strengthofawomanchallenge

BREAKING NEWS‼️ : PLEASE READ! I never thought I would make it this far. September 11, 2011 I went into foster care until I aged out. I was broken, lost and confused. I dealt with depression, anxiety, anger, Lust, suicidial thoughts , insecurities and many other things. I moved from 3 different foster care agencies and to over 10 different homes. I Went to 7 different high schools my senior year. Yet I graduated on time. My father was killed July 15, 2008. I was 13, young and beyond hurt. Sophomore year of college my brother got sentenced 25 years in prison for a murder charge. That hurt me to the core and still does. My other brother Tylor has been in prison for over 8 years now as well. My oldest brother went to jail as well, he would go in and leave out often. Senior year fall semester in October my grandma who was so very close to me died. I took care of her every single day while I was in New York; losing her hurt so much.i also was taking 4 summer classes to make sure I could graduate on time. I thought I would give up. This summer my beautiful cousin died of Lupus. Losing my grandma and cousin truly hurt. During college none of my family visited me. My family didn’t visit because they didn’t want to, but because of the circumstances we were in. All through out college I worked two jobs to provide for myself without a car. I got involved in EVERY organization to keep me occupied and to strive for greatness. I traveled to Italy and Amsterdam educating myself abroad, not knowing what to even expect.( Which was COMPLETELY paid for) Then I found JESUS. Man has he changed my life. The Lord has given me a opportunity to be an amazing young women. He has molded me into the person I am today. Kentucky State University has given me chances no other college or university could give me. Many Many other let downs but Jesus never did ! I stand firm saying I AM A LIVING TESTIMONY! You can do anything with JESUS! He will guide you . He will protect you . He will make your paths great. This semester alone I took 24 credit hours ! Yet I am graduating in 4 years from changing my major from NURSING to BROADCASTING. (Junior Year Btw) I am also graduating with DOUBLE honors. I am moving to Los Angles to work for a broadcasting company as supervisor on a great salary at the age of 22! No one can never tell me Jesus isn’t real. I came from the projects but check where I’m going! Work and masters degree up next. I’m humbled and grateful! Now it’s time to celebrate ‼️If only you knew what it took . #Greatness#BlackExcellence#Live4Jesus#HeCanDoItForYouTo! #Motivation#All GloryToJesus#HeIsAGameChanger#ThisForYouNana#ThisForYouDaddy#ThisforShonda#ThisForJaiLea #NeverFold💪🏽#AlwaysSolid! SHARE THIS TO INSPIRE❤️

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