XCLUSIVE: Tamara Finlay #Hipsn💋strengthofawomanchallenge 


I was born strong and mighty. I always knew there was a purpose for my life. But’ even in knowing that, I still had tremendous obstacles to overcome first. 

At the age of 2 yrs old my father became addicted to heroin. Some 18 yrs later he would overdose and die from that sickness. From the time I was born to age 7, I lived in the suburbs of Chicago, Illinois. When things weren’t looking to good for my parents and my mom wanted more, she moved my little brother and I to Atlanta, GA. Around that time is when things really began to change in my life. I no longer was a little girl who could go to her grandmother’s house after school or to auntie’s for the weekends. I became a latch key kids and my brothers keeper. Yes, at 7 yrs old I would come home from school and do my homework’ then at 6pm go pick up my 2 yrs old brother from the baby sitter and watch him until our mom came home. Can you say “no real childhood”

Anyway, this continued to be the norm throughout my teen years as well. But, with a twist. My mom became addicted to Crack Cocaine. Things really spiraled out of control then. We were neglected in almost every way. Physically, emotionally, spiritually, etc. I couldn’t wait to move out and get my own place. And how did I do it? I got married at 18, moved out at 19 and never looked back. My life was a dysfunctional mess. I grew up with more structure and over compensated for that in my adult life. I was full of bitterness and hurt. And we all know hurt people ain’t easy to love. All I wanted was my mother’s love, attention, and affection. I was so broken and didn’t even realize it. Needless to say that 10 yr marriage + 2 kids ended and then I became a wild child. I partied, drank, smoked, and sold weed. I was out of control. My kids were good. I overbearingly took great care of them. Because I became the mother I always wanted. Anywho, God knew the only way to sit my butt down was to give me another baby. She’s now 12, but the train wreck I made her with was a Cocaine sniffing, domestic violence, nightmare. Oh but God! He will do it big time if you just hold on and don’t let go. He blessed me with a new husband going on 11 yrs now, who adopted my 1 yr old and gave her his name, (train wreck died in a house fire), entrusted me to raise his 6 yr old daughter whose mother became schizophrenic and could not longer care for her. My husband is our earthly covering, he’s God fearing, intelligent, and kind. We have had humble beginnings and God has and continues to bless us by leaps and bounds. We have businesses and I know more is to come. Our family is blessed, our children are blessed. The Favor of God is upon our lives. All I can do is wait, watch, and learn. Thank you for allowing me to share my story.


One thought on “XCLUSIVE: Tamara Finlay #Hipsn💋strengthofawomanchallenge 

  1. Such an awesome story Tamara!! To God be the glory!!! Continue to move forward in positivity and share your story as it is an amazing one that might help someone along the way. YOU GO GIRL HOLD THAT CROWN HIGH!


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