XCLUSIVE: Daisy Martin #Hipsn💋Strengthofawomanchallenge

I looked up the definition for the word strength and found the following:

1. the quality or state of being strong; bodily ormuscular power; vigor.

2. mental power, force, or vigor.

3. moral power, firmness, or courage 

While I agree with those definitions, my own personal life teachings and experiences have helped me truly understand the meaning of strength! 
I stand on the shoulders of strong Women! My Mother and Grandmother not only taught me what strength is but lived their lives accordingly! Strength is being able to bless God and still trust him even when he doesn’t answer a prayer the way we wanted him to! Strength is able to keep going when everything you put your heart and hands to fails! Strength is when you can treat someone with kindness when they’ve betrayed you! Strength is when you may not have gotten the promotion that you knew you deserved but trained your replacement and gave them everything they needed! Strength is when you can forgive! Strength is when you are able to inspire others! Strength is when you feel like giving up but there is something in the depth of your being, that whispers you are a winner, survivor, and a warrior and to keep pushing! Strength is when you can raise children alone, while managing to work, take care of home and never miss an event or important date, even on days when you’re running on empty! Strength is when you can love someone unconditionally when they don’t deserve it! Strength is when you soothe a child’s broken heart and replace it with optimism and courage! Strength is being able to speak to your mind, body and spirit on a death bed and say LIVE!!! Strength is when you can admit that you’re wrong and learn/grow from it!! Strength is the ability to continue to have hope after you’ve lost a loved one! Strength is knowing your worth, knowing that you are the best and deserve the best no matter what! Strength is loving yourself completely and consistently! Strength is not only taught but it’s a gift and superpower from within!

Daisy Martin

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