Being born and raised in the midwest and then moving to the South was eye opening to me and almost like a culture shock to be honest! Since I’ve lived here in GA over 12 years, there is always the debate that never ends! The people from the south or elsewhere, are really quick to say that the people from the north are “mean” and the north clap back with southern people are “slow or country”. 🤔
First let me start by saying that just because our culture is different from your “friendly speaking to everybody you come in contact with” doesn’t make us mean. Most people from the north are used to the hustle and bustle, always on the go, no time to spark up random conversations, especially, if it’s winter time! We trying to get where we going, that’s it, it’s not personal! But, if to you that makes us mean or direct then so be it! We are who we are! I’m not even going speak about the 👀 I get if I say I’m from Chicago smh! Being direct might be correct, just get to the point already! We really could careless about the fluff, that’s it that’s all. 

Southerners, I see your point of view, but I have to agree to disagree! From the outside looking in it may appear we are natural assholes, but that’s not necessarily true! 💯 I can’t even lie, since I have been living in the south, I have adapted more to the southern hospitality way of doing things! I speak to or give a friendly smile or knod to people I don’t know and I just might spark up a conversation every now and then. But please don’t get it twisted, I will always have my guard up! 

Northerners are not innocent either; they are quick to call people from the south “slow or “country”! Yep, I’m guilty! But let me clarify, when I say slow, I mean the pace! When I was a teenager I visited Florence, AL and Jackson, MS for the 1st time; even as a teenager, I could tell the difference between the south and the north! I remember thinking 🤔 the people in the south are so laid back and trustworthy; the pace was so different, and why do they sit out on their car port!! As a matter fact what is that? Just all around different from where and how I grew up! 🤣 

As an adult and living in the South now, Atlanta metro area to be exact, it’s fast paced but the out skirts tell a different story! I can see the divide but my perspective is different, I don’t see it as being weird or strange because it’s not what I’m used to, I’ve learned to approach it as it being different! This is what makes the 🌍 go round, differences! Moral of the story is we shouldn’t judge a book by its cover! Everything isn’t what it seems! ✌


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