***This photo was featured by Ka’oir Cosmetics on June 6,2016.

Hips N’💋 chopped it up with one of the most fiestiest female go getters in the hair and make up industry. Rita”THE HAM” Norman. Reppin Lake County, Illinois and traveling the world to take part in pop-up shops, attend educational seminars and workshops, and to build her hair and makeup portfolio. SHE IS ONE BUSY WOMAN!  Rita experienced heartbreak and devastation around the same time in 2016 but God showed up and she has a new outlook on life and ready to LIVE IT TO IT’S FULLEST POTENTIAL!  A graduate of  Mario Triccoci in Libertyville, IL. As a licensed cosmetologist, The HAM decided to leave a full time Fortune 500 company to pursue her dreams. She  has no regrets and she is shining bright like a diamond. Rita has 2 angels above and her goal is to make them proud. Take this trip with Hips N’💋 into the world of “THE HAM”😘

Hips N’💋: Rita, looking at your facebook page and your instagram, you are very talented with hair and make up. Where you passion come from?

The HAM : It started when I was little. Playing with dolls changing their hairstyles and I would cut their hair and give my babies highlights! I have always been into hair colors!
Hips N’💋: We notice u seem to have a hustling spirit and drive.  Where does that hustling mentality come from?

The HAM: My mother’s mom used to make wigs, do hair, she owned buildings,  was a nurse, and she had 5 kids. She was the true epitome of hustler so,  alot of that mentality came from her and my mom. It’s just in my blood.Hips N’💋: When did you know you wanted to to be a stylist?

The HAM: My older sister Maxi used to braid and she SLAYED! Being her younger sister I was like, yep I wanna do what my sister do! At 13, I was braiding everybody hair in our neighborhood. By 18, I was working in a salon.

Hips N’💋: How was your first experience working in a salon?

The HAM: When I first started working in the salon, I fell in love with Weave, weave, and more weave!!!!! I learned how to do sew in’s and it was a wrap!!!! Weave and color are my passions!!

Hips N’💋: There are very few that can say they worked in a shop at 18. Was this your gateway to own your own salon?
The HAM: Not necessarily. Growing up with a single mother, I was always taught that you have to have a job. You have to work in order to take care of yourself. Being a stylist wasn’t really a stable income. Instead of hair being my first love I choose to work.

Hips N’💋: How did that make you feel? It’s obvious that being a stylist was your passion early on.
The HAM: I would work a job for 2-3 years and I would always get bored! It was like doing the same thing day in day out and no creativity boxed me in! I’m a free spirit I love being unique and different!

Hips N’💋: Working for a fortune 500 company. Was it easy to be unique in your own way? Or were you confined by a strict dress code regarding your hair choices/colors?

The HAM: Fortunately, I was blessed to have jobs that didn’t box me in! I have had every color in my hair known to the beauty supply! I love it! I’m not “THE HAM” if I don’t!❤

Hips N’💋: Listen Now! We have been dying to ask! Where did “THE HAM” come from?!?!?? Hips N’💋 need to know and the people need to know! What’s up🤷🏽‍♀️

The Ham: My Grandfather use to call me the Ham! At Christmas the ham stole the show! It was always the ham on a nice platter and the centerpiece of the table!  Growing up, that is what he always called me was “THE HAM”! My Dad called me that as well! It wasn’t until recently that I thought of what “THE HAM” was for me. I mean they been calling me that since I was a baby and one day It just clicked HAM= HAIR AND MAKE UP!!!!  Rita “THE HAM” Norman❤.  I AM HAIR AND MAKE UP! I was able to get away from a lot of distractions and was able to start seeing clearly.

Hips N’💋: WOW!!!!! Hair and Makeup!!! HAM!! 😊That’s dope! Now let’s talk about when that clicked. Was there something that occurred or was it just a ahh ha moment for you?
The HAM: Timing is everything! I had been working on my brand but it’s like everything started happening in God’s timing! Last year was a crazy year! I have no problem being transparent! This is going to help someone! I got divorced and my father died around the same time!  My Dad was always one of those people that did what made him happy! Losing a parent was the worst thing ever! My dad was my best friend. We laugh alike and everything and  not to be able to hear his words, laughter, or just to see his face is hard! I don’t wish losing a parent on anyone. My relationship with my father was built over years and to lose that!!!!!  It was hard!

Hips N’💋:  It seems like you are taking a page from your father’s life. Right now it seems like you’re doing everything to make “THE HAM” happy. How did u push through the hurt of divorce and losing your father?
The HAM: I am the happiest I’ve ever been in my life right now! If a man means you no good and doesn’t help you grow! Leave him where he is! I leave any negative energy alone! Good things start happening when u don’t even expected! When I decided to leave my marriage one of my friends took me to Vegas. I was in a place of educating myself more! I had no intention of going to Vegas but a trip was needed while I was going through my divorce. That very trip is where I met my hair idol Tokyo Styles! It was like God had lined that thang up for me and I was in heaven!! I went to a wig class and I instantly knew!! I was like, OK I SEE U LORD!!  I felt like a caterpillar all these years and I’m just know emerging as a butterfly. Self-love, determination, and drive is what it’s all about. I’ve made these changes in my life  and God has brought me so many  blessings.

Hips N’💋: Yassssssss honey!!!! Slay!!!!!! It is such a beautiful thing to see another woman walking in her purpose. We are truly inspired by you as fellow women entrepreneurs! We look forward to supporting your brand! What can our readers look forward to with “The HAM”
The HAM: In August I will be a contestant in my first pageant! Miss Voluptuous USA!👸🏽  Stay tuned for that. I’m going to continue to have that grind in my spirit. I am building my own empire. I will definitely be traveling a lot more and securing more educational seminars/workshops to continue to bring the latest and greatest trends in hair and makeup. 💄💋
**The day we interviewed The HAM, marked the 1 year anniversary of her last date with her Dad! February 28! As she stated in her interview! In God’s timing!!!! What a awesome way to share a lasting memory with her as she shed so much light on life, love, and truly living in her own happiness!  I know without a doubt, her  Grandmother and Father are smiling down on her. She is no longer dreading getting up and going to a job she is not excited about! Rita “THE HAM” Norman  is walking and living in her purpose! ❤

Hips N’💋Dena

For all your hair and makeup needs you can reach The HAM via

Instagram:  Rita_theham_norman

Facebook: Rita The HAM Norman


For all of your travel needs: Normanditravel@gmail.com




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