I’ve been silent long enough on this topic!  This shhh is way out of control in the streets of Chicago, from the cowards out there killing one another, to the cops killing folks and the lack of resources being poured into the communities.  Those who know me know me, know that my mama was born and raised in Chicago on the Westside! One of the best things her family could’ve done was move out the city and move north to Zion, IL. Needless to say, plenty of my family are still out there in Chicago to this day, some on the “good” side of town and some not so much.  As long as I can remember, violence has always been an issue in Chicago, just not as bad as it is today, HELL!  My oldest uncle was shot in the 90s, another one of my uncles was robbed and shot in the early 2000s; but they both survived, by the grace of God.  One of my cousins was shot a few years back and lost his life. Hell less than 3 weeks ago, a friend of my family was robbed and murdered! Just last year alone, Chicago had 762 murders! WTF! Those numbers are real ya’ll. YES I SAID 762 murders last year and my dude Matthew Rodgers Jr aka Young Affishal was one of them! In 2013, it was as low as 421 deaths, which is high! But them 3 babies up there ⬆⬆⬆, 2 year old Lavontay White, 11 year old Takiya Holmes and 12 Kanari Gentry Bowers in that picture, just lost their lives almost 2 weeks ago. Already in the 2017, there has been 37 murders! 2 year old Lavontay White’s murder was recorded on Facebook live and you can hear the bullets riddling thru the air. SMDH At least they did take two of the cowards off of the streets for Takiya Holmes and Lavontay White’s murders.

But let’s get Real, Real quick! 💯 Why, Black lives matter when the police kill one of us, but why don’t they matter as much when we kill each other? What makes it even worse is that too many of these murders go unsolved!! Why?? The communities don’t speak up because they scared of being called snitches and also fear being murdered too! And I honestly don’t believe the police put in the effort beating the streets to properly investigate these murders! Probably because they killing us off too, u think? They feel like oh well one less thug we have to worry about! Over a 6 year period, the police has killed 92 people and wounded 170 others! But let’s think about it and keep it real! 🤔 If we constantly in these streets killing our own, then why in the hell don’t you think others think it’s ok to kill us too!? They just sitting back calling our communities a war zone and we steadily giving them a reason to!

Listen, I’m just gonna say this, I used to get very upset when people called Chicago “Chiraq”! But hey truth be told that’s what it is! Nobody is exempt from these stray bullets flying! Several innocent lives have been taken ranging from a very young age to the elderly! And I am not here to put all the blame on the community because the politicians played a major role in this too! Back in 2013, the Mayor Rahm Emanuel and the Chicago Public School Board, closed about 50 out of 129 schools, he wanted to close, just over a 2 year period of time! All in low income black and latino communities, go figure! Why?? Because they deemed them failing schools?! What happened to using resources to figure out WHY the schools are failing instead of just closing them and displacing thousands of kids?  But instead, ya’ll way of thinking was, all of the money saved by closing these schools would help ya’ll to combat the already massive budget deficit!!!; And ya’ll could re-distribute the funds from the school closings, into other resources efficiently right?? WRONG!! Closing them schools didn’t knock a dent out of the deficit it’s still high. Instead what it did was forced kids to go to schools that were far from home, dummies! Did ya’ll think about these kids when you thought about these closings? It’s bad enough several of these kids ALREADY do not want to go to school; now you telling them that they have to travel all the way across town out of their comfort zone to get an education? Man, that didn’t do anything for these kids, but give them more reason not to go to school. And what do ya’ll think these drop outs are doing all day? Gang banging, robbing, selling dope??? I can guarantee it’s not anything productive for society. How much you bet? 

All of the talks of the 45th bringing the National Guard and the feds to Chicago sounds good for the gun violence but is he gonna leave them there forever? Hell naw! What other resources will they bring with them? Are they opening up some more schools again to make Chicago great again 45th? How about building community centers 45th? What about partnering with the community to help them weed out the bad politicians in office that have no interest in building up their community 45th? How about jobs, Level I Trauma Centers 45th? Yea, I’ll wait! It’s sad that Chicago has limited operating Level I Trauma Centers! If you don’t know,  Trauma centers are the best equipped to save gun shot victims! And guess what, the ones that do exist are not any where they are needed!? 🤔 Did you know alot of the gun shot victims die in route to the hospital? Well now you do! Do ya’ll remember the young girl Hadiya Pendleton?? She was the young lady who had just went to participate in events for Obamas inauguration in January 2013 and weeks later she was murdered!? Michelle Obama attended her funeral? She was shot in a community that did not have a Level I Trauma center and had to travel miles away from the scene to a hospital that would treat her only to die! That’s a damn shame! Really??? This is heartbreaking to say the least! 

Listen, all I am saying is that the National Guard is a bandaid for the issue! There needs to be a permanent fix! First of all these kids need something to do besides hang out in the streets all damn day! The idea of stricter gun laws is almost a joke too! For 1, Gun laws only pertain to legal guns fam, not illegal guns fool! And for 2, Chicago already have some of the strictest gun laws in the US! I can’t really tell, and do you think these cowards give a damn about them gun laws? Chile, please! They buying these guns out of stores, breaking in cars and houses, sticking up other’s taking their guns! They getting guns by any means necessary! Man it’s a vicious cycle, that keeps repeating itself. Will the National Guards remove all illegal guns off the streets? Hmph I doubt it. The legal system is terrible too! They lock these menaces to society up for a little while, but not for enough time to learn their lesson and try to do better, obviously! It’s going to take participation from these communities that are fed up, voting these dirty politicians out of office, getting involved in the community, trying to build a relationship with law enforcement; not all of them are out to see us fail or against us! Lastly and most importantly!!!! Parents “Get yo bad ass kids together!” Everything starts at home fam! Stop grooming and housing these criminals, making them think what they doing is acceptable! You got to stop sitting back doing nothing and expect for society to fix your kids, while you sit back complaining! 

In order for this situation to get better 1) it’s gonna take time and a conscientious effort due to the amount of work needed and 2) its gonna take EVERYBODY to be involved! S/O to the movements that are out here in these streets to trying to make it safe again! S/O to Interrupters for their cease fire movement; my girl @englewoodbarbie and her continuous efforts I 👀 you girl; Mothers Against Senseless Violence; the Cure Violence movement; the Chicago Freedom movement; and the Youth Anti-Violence Initiatives movement!  I salute 💪ya’ll for ya’ll movements and efforts for attempting to take the communities back! Keep working, your efforts will pay off! 45th!!!  If you not coming with a real solution, then stay where you at! Parents it’s never to late, keep PUSHING!! Pray until something happens! Chicago ya’ll bigger than ya’ll current situation and circumstances! Ya’ll got to get it together! If we don’t our future will be wiped out! 💯 🙏


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