Black Girl Magic‼️

Black history month gives us a measly 28 days to celebrate the achievements of people that look like us! It’s always been my favorite area to learn! Who wouldn’t want to educate themselves on their own people! My heart swells with pride as I think of the women that taught me from a child before I could even learn about the civil rights icons, the awesome abolitionists, there was my Mother and my Grandmothers! My mom the epitome of a hard working black woman! She taught me to work hard for anything I want. We jokingly call my mom a “Jamaican” because she has always held multiple jobs. She taught me to get off my behind and go to work and to work hard! I watched her care for those in her community to no end. I’ve watched her love unconditionally and stand in the gap for anyone in need! I’ve watched my Mom help on many political campaigns! She knows her stuff! The advocate of our family. MY MOMMA!!!! Her Mother, my Grandmother was a school teacher at Carmen Elementary in Waukegan, Il and she was a big help at the Marion Jones Summer Camp. I watched my Grandmother give back to the community with her service and there’s not many that don’t know who she is! She was a first lady of Gideon Baptist Church and there was never a day I heard her complain. She took care of home while my Grandaddy Served as Pastor. She has always been a strong and mighty woman and it took me to have my own family to realize how Dope my Grandma was. She held her own. My father’s mother was a Firecracker. She told u what was on her mind for sure but there was NOTHING she wouldn’t do for her family. She was a librarian and she made a home for her family in Zion, Il. She was a diva and always into high fashion. Watching her get dressed was a live fashion show for me. These women along with my God mothers Cassie Gray and Dorothy Lewis gave me everything I needed as a little girl. 

Autobiographies like Assata:An Autobiography allowed me to learn about African-American women in the struggle!     Reading about how Sojourner Truth was the one of the first black women to successfully challange a white man  in the United States Court! PHENOMENAL!!! She went to court to get her son Peter who was illegally sold to a white man in Alabama at the age of 5. She won and got her son back! THAT’S WHAT I’M TALKING BOUT!!! BLACK GIRL MAGIC!!!! The ability to stand strong through tests and trials, holding your head high and pressing on! 

Being a mother at the age of 17, I promised myself to beat the statistics no matter what. Statistics said since I was having a baby at 17 I would not graduate high school. ✅ At least 1/3 of adolescents in 1997 that had children as teens had parents that had children in their teens✅ 👎🏽 My parents were married before I arrived! Another statistic that used to bother me was that I was doomed to be poverty stricken since I had a baby at 17. Another hurdle beat✅ Bottom line is! I grew up watching the Black woman go after whatever it was she wanted. I watched black women fight for their beliefs and opportunities of equality and the job got done. Being a BLACK American I am proud because although we have a lonnnnnggggggg way to go I see and smile at all the BLACK WOMEN have accomplished! Michelle Obama, Oprah Winfrey, Cicely Tyson, Maya Angelou, Angela Davis, Daisy Bates, Mary Mcleod Bethune, and so many more!!! Thank you for allowing women just like me to stand on your shoulders and GO FOR WHAT I BELIEVE AND DREAM!!!!!! We are uniquely created as God choose us to be and he designed us with GREATNESS THAT ONLY WE POSSESS!!! THATS BLACK GIRL MAGIC!!!! Hips N💋 is all about EMPOWERMENT AND WE LOVE OUR SISTAS!!!!!!!!!  We have daugters that look up to our movement so we MUST CARRY THE TORCH‼️


Hips N💋Dena

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