I just have to say growth is a powerful thing. I think back to all the dumb stuff I did when I was younger and I’m glad I’ve grown up. I used to go to the club every weekend, drinking til I got drunk, low-self esteem, fighting in school, getting suspended every other week. I cared about what people thought of me, I cared about having friends, I cared about people that didn’t care for me, and so much more! I allowed a man to diminish my light and make me feel unworthy. It took many years for me to get where I am today.  I know who I am and I know whose I am! God made me unique in his own way. I love me just the way I am. If I’m not happy with myself it’s my choice to change it! I won’t change anything about myself for anyone else.  I’m far from perfect but I no longer care about those that have no care or concern for me!  I don’t have a lot of friends and I’m happy with that. A friend is someone who pours into me as I pour into them, I’m very careful of the friend word nowadays! As a grown woman, there are things I refuse to go through or accept.  I had my children young, but the minute I was told I was pregnant I had enough sense to SIT DOWN somewhere. I knew I couldn’t be out there fighting and acting a fool, so I choose to focus on raising my son. Even as a single mother, I didn’t have men in and out of my house meeting my kids. HELL TO THE NO! There have only been 2 men in my kids life, their dad and my husband. Look at the news, it’s always a live-in boyfriend hurting or killing someone’s child. I aint got time for that! I’m grown as hell what I look like hanging in the clubs every weekend.  By the time you get your hair, nails, outfit, pay to park, pay to get in, and pay to kick it after the club THEN WHAT!!!!!! I’m focused on leaving a legacy for my kids, my money can be spent better than at the club every weekend.  I don’t look for validation from anyone, the only validation I need is from GOD! I don’t let what people think bother me anymore. You can have whatever opinion you choose to have about LaDena, it don’t make me tick either way.  I live my life to please God and as long as I do that I’m good! Lastly, as a grown woman, I don’t play games with my heart! I have no problem communicating to my husband how I feel and how I expect to be treated. I set the tone for how  he treats me. Arguing, nagging, and complaining is something I used to do but over the years I have grown to make better choices and be mature enough to understand that GROWTH is NECESSARY! As a grown woman, my GOAL is to prepare for my future and not backtrack to old childish habits! REAL TALK!!! MY TESTIMONY! NO SHADE!💯💯💯


Hips N’💋DENA



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