Millenials, I’m here to tell ya’ll that the older people don’t really rock with ya’ll. They talk about ya’ll and my own generation too. They say some of ya’ll lazy, think the world owe ya’ll something, and heartless!  Now, the Babyboomer’s generation say that basically ya’ll have no potential to add value to society in the future! Ya’ll won’t work to contribute to Social Security, blah, blah, blah, type shhh right! What ya’ll think about that? Being that I have kids that are in the “Me Generation” I would have to agree that these youngin do think it’s all about them and they do not have to EARN it, you are supposed to just give it to them. WRONG!!! You  have to  put in the work, nobody is going to hand you anything. Such is life! 

This post is not to beat ya’ll up about it but  just to  let ya’ll know your future is brighter than you think, bump the negative rhetoric and DEFINITELY, don’t believe the hype!! I’m passionate about ya’ll youngins 1) because my own 3 are apart of this generation; 2) honestly some of ya’ll are just lost and need some guidance and lastly; 3) I believe in ya’ll!

Youngins whether you believe it or not ya’ll are the future! I know that sounds scary but truth be told it is what it is! Now that ya’ll know that, what are you going to do about it? Straight up! 💯 Ya’ll have the biggest advantage over all past generations. The technology that ya’ll have doesn’t even compare to what we had growing up fam! When I was a teenager our computers were bogus, let’s not forget about that dial up internet bull and that damn brick cell phone was a joke. Now days ya’ll got fast speed Internet, FaceTime, Camera Phones, Google all kinds of tools and gadgets right at your fingertips! Use it to your advantage and get this money fam!

Look I am all about the education, I am! I have a Master’s Degree and a lot of student loans to go with it! But I have it and nobody no one can take that way from me. I put in the work and earned it! I say that to say go to college get a Bachelors degree, if that’s what YOU want to do! Just get it in something that you’re passionate about and use it to your advantage! While you in college start envisioning your own business, making your own moves and  being your own boss! Now, I know college not for everybody, I do and I got you too! You too have options doe! Go pick up on a trade that takes 18-24 months of your life and get it! There are several trades out there, do the research, enroll, stick with it and get certified! When you get that certification open up your own business! Fam, ya’ll have plenty options!

I’m not telling ya’ll anything to steer ya’ll in the wrong direction, I’m just letting ya’ll know, you DO NOT and I REPEAT YOU DO NOT want to work in Corporate America today and definitely not in the future! I promise you that! Man, Corporate America these days is a joke! I just don’t feel that working a traditional 9-5 is gonna help you build a legacy or empire for your family! Why?? BECAUSE!! They pay you little, give you work that 5 people should be doing; and will steadily add more without blinking, don’t appreciate what you do for them and expect you to give 120%! I can go on and on, but you get it. Grown folks talking about you gotta learn how to play the game! WTH??WHAT game? This is work! 🤔 Games to me is playing sports, not work! Does this sound like what you want for your future? Hell I hope not! 💯

All I’m saying is you don’t want to be like me, just now in my late 30’s starting businesses! I wish somebody would’ve put me up on game in my 20’s who knows where I would be right now! Millenials we fux with ya’ll and we got ya’ll backs! Knowledge is power, the more you know, the well rounded you will be in the crazy 🌎! Don’t box yourself into traditional ways of doing things because others want you too! Remember nothing about your generation is traditional anyway! THINK BIG, DREAM BIG,  PUT IN THE WORK, PRAY AND BELIEVE YOU CAN DO IT!  I’m not gonna lie, it’s tough at times but when you are determined, and your dreams is bigger than your fears, you do what you gotta do! Don’t sleep on yourself, the 🌎 is yours, you can do whatever it is you want to do! God gave everybody a gift, but it’s up to you to put it in action! Make your next move your best move fam! I’m cheering for ya’ll 💯

#Hipsn💋Nita #Auntie🔥

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