Hipsnđź’‹TRIBUTE TO: Fallen Young Chicago Rapper “Young Affishal” RIP

I really don’t know where to begin. My heart is very heavy as I listen to his music and write this post. This young fella Matthew “Booman” Rodgers Jr A.K.A Young Affishal was born and raised on the Westside of Chicago. Young Affishal was an up and coming rapper that I followed on IG! It was something about this young fella that caught my attention. He stayed swagged out, on his grind, wit dat bag and drank, always having kick backs, in the stu, w/ his brothers and always HUMBLE! It was evident that God, family and his grind was the only thing that mattered to him. When I found out he was an Aquarius like myself, it all made sense! đź’Ż

When I first started following him, I didn’t know he was a rapper! But once I figured it out, IT WAS OVER! I started listening to his music and found out he went hard. His music was instantly moved into my rotation and my respect levels for him shot up! I was amazed, that this young fella and his brothers #Dramaset was getting it and the streets respected them! He was so lit, I was telling everybody to follow him and  to download his mixtapes! Hell I had even reached out to a manager from Chicago to see if he would work with him!

The Evidence mixtape was dope! The kid went super dumb. “Four Walls, Beautiful 2, Do You See Me Now, Mary Jane, When I get the Chance” hell the whole damn thang is a banger!đź’Ż But Top of the Food Chain doe? Was lit 🔥 and doesn’t disappoint at all, this project shows his growth and just how hungry he was! “Boss Up, Used to it, Choose 1, F*ck the Other Side, Where the Love At, Too Comfortable!” The list goes on and on! But “Boss Up, Four Walls, Mary Jane,  When I get the chance, Too Comfortable, and F*ck the Other Side” will forever be my Young Affishal anthems! What I can and always will say about Young is that he always repped Chicago and Dramaset, his music is transparent, there wasn’t a hatin bone in his body, he never switched up and stayed LOYAL! đź’Ż His team remained the same and he wanted everybody to eat! Through his music and following him on IG, I learned so much about him, he started rapping when he was 9, thanks to his uncles; his pops wasn’t around much, so his moms had to hold it down; he got 4 sisters and 2 brothers and he learned to hustle at a young age! #Youngbytheway 

In April of last year Young was sent to a boot camp and he was there for until November; November 8th to be exact! Man, the vision that God was giving this young man was powerful. He had BIG dreams when he touched back down. Young wanted to start a business for his family, enroll in Columbia College, get back to his music and making videos and mostly to his family. While Young was away, one morning God had put it on my heart to write him! And that is exactly what I did. It’s funny because my son was laughing at me! He was like “Ma really? You really gone write him? You act like you really know him or something!” I told him “boy, you have no idea how people need words of encouragement when they are away, hell you should write him too.” 

When my dude came home on November 8th, I immediately reached out to see if he received my letter, to tell him it gave me life to see him a free man and back on my timeline again and definitely back on his grind! I had every intention of interviewing him about his glow up and definitely wanted to discuss a feature with another of my favorite up and coming rappers from the Lake County, MBK Shottaa! But I didn’t hit him with it when he first touch town, I wanted to give him some time. I thought I had plenty of time to make it happen; but a coward or a bunch of cowards murdered Young, November 20th, 13 short days after he came home. I woke up that morning and I couldn’t believe my eyes or what I was reading! I went to all of his brothers pages to make sure my eyes wasn’t deceiving me and sadly they wasn’t. I broke down and I immediately asked God why??? He just got home and started praying for the strength of his loved ones, especially his mama! NO mother should have to bury their child and it was so close to the holidays! The pain still runs deep til this day! It just doesn’t seem fair! 

Young Affishal touched so many lives in many ways all over! He fasho touched mines! It was evident by the outpouring support that showed up at his candlelight vigil and his service, he was loved by many! They say “only the good die young” and I guess that’s right! Sadly, violence took Young away from what he loved the most; but it didn’t take the memories, his infectious spirit nor his music. Young, you will FOREVER live thru your music and become a legend just like you rapped about!  You are truly missed my dude and imma ride to your music you til the wheels fall off! Rest well Booman đź’” 

Find out more about Young Affishal on IG: @youngaffishal Facebook: Matthew Rodgers or Young Affishal

Follow his official IG Page @youngaffishal and Facebook Matthew Rodgers Check out his music on Livemixtapes, Mymixtapez, Soundcloud. Youngs final mixtape dropping soon! Stay tuned

Rest In Paradise my dude! Matthew “Booman” Rodgers Jr A.K.A Young Affishal #ForeverYoung #Youngbytheway #Dramaset


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