Now that we are very close to ending 2016, I wanted to share some of my ups, downs, roadblocks and breakthoughs thru out this year! In hopes to encourage somebody else to pray, keep the faith, trust God more; and most of all find your purpose!

Now I’m not gonna sit here and lie like 2016 was the best year of my life, but even through it all, I still trusted God and am THANKFUL! This year I suffered loss in so many different ways. Death, theft, and disappearance! Let’s see, it was March when this dude that I loved for years played me and disappeared out of my life, out the blue, straight like that! 💯 Right after that somebody stole my car right out of my apartment complex parking lot. And guess what it’s still missing! But God! I was never late to work or missed a beat THANKS to Hipsn💋Dena and other co-workers! Not to long after that, my mother blessed me with a car! 🙌 Between God and my awesome support system I made it thru! 

April doe!!! My God led me right back to him! I started going to church faithfully, paying my tithes, learning slowly but surely to trust in and lean on him more! This was big for me because I was somebody who grew up in church, actively participated in ministries, and I just stopped going POINT BLANK PERIOD! Not only did I stop going but my faith wavered bad!  And I mean bad! When I was going through years ago all my mom would tell me “you need to get your butt back in church!” Didn’t know until months later that it was absolutely God’s timing that sent me right back to church and to him! Trust me, I would not have made it thru, the test he was about to put me thru, had I not did it right then and there! TIMING!!

In July, my whole world was shook upside down! My 💜beat had to have a biopsy on her thyroid and the forbidden “C” word was tossed around! But God! All I know is, if I didn’t have a relationship with God, I would have received that situation and viewed it way different! I must say this was a test that I just needed to stand still and listen! And I still am.  I know ultimately God has the final say, he has kept her thus far and we trust him. 

Man when I tell you, August, my life changed drastically, my life changed drastically! I made it official and FINALLY joined my most favorite place in the world to be, Berean Christian Church Dr Kerwin B. Lee, Sr Pastor (although I’ve been going to for months)! Just weeks after Hipsn💋Dena did! Once we did that God directed us back to finding our purpose! Since then Hipsn💋 took off and never looked back. Mind you Hipsn💋 have existed since 2015! TIMING!! We linked with 2 beautiful souls Armani Marie and 5kay! Absolutely 💜 these ladies!! That was just a small confirmation, we were moving in the right direction for our purpose! We contacted the multi talented Tonnae Nicole, who gave us LIFE from day one, setup radio promo on her radio station and put us to work! TIMING !

The last quarter of the year let’s just say that my good days out weighed my bad days! The test I went thru was crazy! But now I see clearly! I often found myself saying how can I be a blessing to somebody when I am going through so much? I’m broke but trying to plan this event! My apartment complex is about to put me out if I don’t pay them! But God showed me that’s when you are at your best! Hipsn💋 covered their first event “The Purple Affair” held by the Still Standing Foundation, met the Award winning Best Selling Author and Domestic Violence Survivor Tamiko Lowery Pugh! That very night, we met our Auntie for LIFE April LaLand Sentmanat and she has been riding with Hipsn💋 ever since! TIMING!!

Yo, when I tell you that finding out that I didn’t get the permanent position at my job didn’t affect me how it would’ve earlier this year, it phased me but not how everybody else thought it would! People were waiting on me to come in everyday with an attitude and hate the girl they hired over me or just leave all together! Nope, God wouldn’t allow me to do so; what God told me was to 1) this is not what I have for you 2) sit still my child I got this 3) keeping on being the best you; and 4)  it’s just a matter of time that I will take you out of there!! 🙌🙌 Then Hipsn💋 hosted their first event The Maskquerade 2016 and when I tell you God showed up and showed out! That was my confirmation from God that this is my purpose and this is what he has for me. TIMING!! 

The month of November started off great because my dude, the young inspiring rapper from Chicago, Matthew Rogers Jr AKA Young Affishal came home to his loved ones November 8th from camp since April! Not knowing that in less than 2 weeks later he would be murdered! Man that broke my heart to the core 💔! I pray for his loved ones especially his mama and the streets of Chicago everyday! Not too long after that one of my mothers friends died from Lung Cancer right after moms birthday. I was happy to see November go! 

This last month of the year was sooo rewarding on the inside! I completed a 7 day fast with my church, my pops came down for the holidays, most of all, we blessed the homeless with socks and other winter goods! This year was a roller-coaster but with God as my safety harness; I’m ret for 2017 and it’s shenanigans! Trust the timing of your life because it’s already in the plan! God know what he doing! 🙌 I know it’s hard, but instead of asking why, stand still! He may not come when you want him but he is always on time!  I am forever grateful for my test and lessons this year, they have molded me and armored me for my journey to be great and walk in my purpose! No matter who or what try to stop me! 2017 I will continue to let my haters be my motivators because only God can judge me! Smootchezz 💋💋


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