This won’t be a long post but I had to get this off my chest and drop these jewels right quick! This is the 1st and last time I will address this for real for real!!  Look, this is for those who seem to think I’m acting funny!! LBVS I am not acting I am simply minding my business (literally) Hipsn💋 and my family is where my focus is! All I know is that I am getting sick and tired of people trying to call me and check me because I don’t reach out as often or don’t always answer right away!! Man get thee hell off my bumper fam! Did you ever think maybe I was busy handling business? I am not ignoring you on purpose and definitely not ACTING FUNNY! I’m sorry not sorry I’m a little more focused on getting money, giving back to the hood, and building a legacy for my family! I promise you it’s not personal, so please don’t take it that way! I still love you just the same! 

People kill me always worried about the wrong thing! If you haven’t done anything wrong then why would someone just start acting funny all of a sudden? WAKE THEE HELL UP PEOPLE! It’s not that serious and it’s not always about you!  Building a Brand with substance and quality takes hard work, dedication, and commitment! Being an entrepreneur aint no joke jack! In the meantime in between time, stay off my bumper because I’m on my grind tryna get my levels up! And, I say again DON’T TAKE IT PERSONAL! We gucci rice fam! #ganggang 


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