This won’t be a long post because the writing above is straight to the point! Just because ur searching for Mr. Right don’t mean u have to include ur kids. Searching for Mr. Right can be exhausting and frustrating and how often is Mr. Right Mr.WRONG??? When I started talking to my husband, I would drop my kids off over my Auntie house and then I’d go see him. After some time, he asked me “why don’t u ever bring your kids with u?” My answer was u don’t need to meet my kids yet. This was a delicate thing for me because my kids had never been around any other man except their dad. Everybody has their own way of doing things and thats cool. I just knew I didn’t want to be that chic with a revolving door for new men in and out my crib. I definitely made sure to only introduce my kids to someone I knew I would be in a committed relationship with. Little girls don’t need men in and out! And young men don’t need to see momma letting different men in and out!  Vice versa for men! Your daughters and sons don’t have to meet every woman u THINK is the one! Be selective about who u introduce ur kids to! Everybody aint worthy of that introduction! IJS


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