I think I can be 💯 wit yall!!! Anytime I tried to do better it’s a battle! Anytime you try to live ur life according to God’s purpose there will be many tests and trials. Over the years my heart was in the right place but my faith wasn’t! I wanted to be the world’s greatest mom but I made mistakes. I yelled, screamed, cussed, and fussed. I tore my kids down when I was upset or frustrated. I was hurt so I was destructive to those In reach. I was mad because I had to raise my kids by myself when I didn’t make them by myself! It hurt me over and over as I struggled to take care of my boys while their biological father did nothing! I wanted to be the best wife ever! I wanted my husband to love me unconditionally even when I was acting like a fool! I consistently told him year after year how he don’t love me, he don’t love his kids! See I grew up with my father so I know what that meant to me. Don’t get me wrong my Daddy was not perfect but it was just the little things I would never forget! Instead of allowing my husband to stand as a man and  build his own relationship with my kids I forced him to step up! That cause more chaos than I’d ever expected. They fought and didn’t like each other and it was always a problem. Our home was full of arguing and fighting. As I began to pay more and more attention it was weighing down on me what I had done. Anyone that knows me should know my mouth! I have a big mouth and many times don’t know when to shut it! If you hurt me I hurt you and for years that has been my disability! My mother has endured her own struggle with her mom so it seems like we took over that same struggle. I love my Mom to death and would do anything for her. I learned what it felt like to be rejected by my Mom because shenever had a emotional or affectionate relationship with her mom so WE NEVER HAD IT! I always knew my mom loved me but there were some things missing! I took the rejection of affection from my mom and I made sure I would do whatever I could for her just to be validated. I thought for many years I was being rejected by my husband as a result of my issues with my mom. He like many men feel as if I should know that he loves me because he choose me! He married me! I still needed affirmation and validation from him! This was yet another issue! I say it all the time! I married a man that is very similar to my father!  My daddy can work your last nerve when he have a drink! He speak what’s on his mind! Alot of times it hurts! Stings! And pierces my heart! However, I LOVE MY DADDY! I may fall back and not talk to him but they know I take my time when I give them space! NOBODY Likes to be hurt! It don’t feel good but it happens. My FAMILY IS NOT ALWAYS BLOOD! I have cousins and sisters that are not blood related but have watched me go through hell and back. We have fought and argued and laughed and cried! My business partner  Nita May has stepped up like no other! When all my family left the “A” I gained her entire family! I love her parents and her kids just like family! My REAL SISTER! Elesha Chisum! She is the glue for the Chisums in my 👀! My husband and I were in a rough patch and she gave it her all to help us see! Our anniversary she just kept posting pics on facebook! I’m like sister please STOP! I’m over here crying thinking about how broken our marriage was! She did it for a reason! She loves us all so she carry all our issues and always 👂🏽 and advise! Momma Mia! Words will never express my gratitude! My Perez family prays for me too and I’m blessed!  My cousin Biggs, she don’t play no games but she consistently encouraged me to go with my heart and do what’s best for me! She always told me no matter what’s going on at the end of the day I gotta make my own decisions! Vita! She gets on my last nerves sometimes but I love her and her husband dearly! Black love aint perfect but it looks good on the Mays! Thank yall for always opening your home to us always and rockin for us! My big bro/cuz Wayne!”DUB C” Although we are far apart he’s been my rock since I made my first rhyme😂! I will alway have a fan in him’ Amber! Toya! Dj! Dewayne! Tony! Antwan! Haney! I love yall lil big heads! If yall rockin I’m rolling❤️❤️ Candra and Porsha! Them Yarborough sisters! Yall will indeed make sure I’m alright even if yall gotta jump on the highway! I love yall! RCP WORLDWIDE YAYYYY YEAHHHH!!(in my ice cube voice) Every last pesron that has ever graced this prayer line GOD BLESS YALL!! Maxi,Quita,Relle, Eisha! Everybody in the the chat! Some days I wouldn’t have made it without yall! Nat and Mont Chisum I know yall be praying for us❤️❤️❤️❤️! My apostle Michelle 😂 for every tear, bible verse, shot ANYTHING U POUR OUT TO UR LIL SISTERS WE LOVE U FOR IT! Friend! I live through u thotiana❤️ Raven Nicole My lil sissy always there when I call!  My sister Yoshika u know me u get me! Always have! Thank u from the bottom of my heart for being a AWESOME FRIEND AND GODMOTHER TO TYREE! Look I know I will miss someone  but charge it to my head not my ❤️! I gave u all that to say this!2016 was not a great year for me but GOD! SHOWED UP AND SHOWED OUT IN HIS OWN TIME! acting crazy

2.marriage on the outs

3.Diagnosed with Lupus

4. Misdiagnosed with Lupus

5. Diagnosed with RA

6. Family separated

7. My daughter was hurt in the worst way over the summer

8. I couldn’t even talk to my husband

9. Daddy in trouble with the law

10. 2 of my sons in trouble with the law

11. Accident with uninsured driver

12. Almost Evicted

13. Finances SHOT

14. Credit Shot

15. Family going thru

16. Friends going thru

17. Illnesses taking people out/DEATH

19. Husband out of work 

20.Me or my husband couldn’t get on the same page. We had no idea what our purpose was

21! My husband said don’t join church without ur family! I WAITED BUT GOD SAID U WAITING ON HIM BEFORE ME????

Joined Berean Christian Church August 2016!

Since then! I have prayer daily! I read the word daily! I have people praying for me and mine that I may not even know!

Never truly prayed for my husband but when I started God start moving.

Each and every one of my kids have a plan on what they are doing!

My husband now has a growing Empire in his hands including our sons! 〽️🅱️k ENT! PURPOSE

I have a growing business  to better ourselves and our communities! Wit a DOPE PARTNER HIPS N’💋 PURPOSE

We have partnered with other local organizations. We hosted our first DOMESTIC VIOLENCE EVENT AND WE’RE BOOKED


FASTED FOR 7 whole days and MADE IT!

I’M still employed 


My husband and I are smiling laughing and loving each other back to life!

  1. God aint say it was gone be easy but THIS IS SO WORTH IT! I didn’t see everything so clearly until God BROKE ME ALL THE WAY DOWN AND TOOK NEARLY EVERYTHING FROM ME! He stirred that thang around and pour out so many BLESSINGS I’M IN AWE! As I hear my husband and my kids GRIND TO MAKE A DREAM  A REALITY! I had all this love and family and DIDN’T EVEN REALIZE! I was blessed many moons before today! I’M MORE THAN A CONQUEROR! I’M HIS DAUGHTER!!! God will break u down and build u up and he really shows out once u pass those tests!!!I don’t care what u do in life good or bad he will never leave u nor forsake u!!!! I’M A LIVING WITNESS!!!


BUT GOD!!!!!!! 🙌🙌🙌

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