I ran across a post on facebook. It was from April Laland Sentmanat.(we call her AUNTIE)  The post was just referencing how she won’t be swayed from living in her purpose, praise, or motivation. She won’t be swayed from spreading the word of God. All I could start doing was thanking God for keeping me when even I didn’t wish to be kept! He kept me through 12 years of abuse! He kept me through a broken heart! He kept me through single motherhood! He kept me when I wanted to give up! He kept me when I had NOTHING! He kept me even when I was lost! He kept me when I didn’t live for him! He kept me when I didn’t fully trust in him! He kept me through sickness! He kept my husband through  sickness! He kept our children from harm and danger! He kept me through many crying nights! ALL IN ALL IF I HAD ALL THE TIME IN THE WORLD I COULD WRITE DAY IN AND OUT ON THE FAVOR OF GOD IN MY LIFE! When I look back over my life I can’t say thanks enough! I have overcome so many things and gained so much because he FAVORED ME!! It was NO COINCIDENCE!!!!! AND IT DEFINITELY WASN’T LUCK!!

Hips N’💋 was scared to death to start this business. There were many stumbles along the way. Many stalls! We started then stopped! When we thought we may be out of our league,GOD SAID OTHERWISE!!!! When we thought our business would be too much, GOD SAID OTHERWISE!!! When we thought our name was too much, GOD SAID OTHERWISE!! When we thought our content was too much GOD SAID PUSH THROUGH AND BE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THAT’S FAVOR NEVER LUCK! It’s ironic because we just thought to talk on relevent topics that we’ve gone through but if u read our posts, U WILL SEE GOD SHOW UP AND SHOW OUT!!!! We are spreading the word of God just the way he saw fit for us to do! IF U GOT A PROBLEM WIT IT TAKE IT UP WITH THE MASTER❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️


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