So let me make sure that I understand this correctly 🤔;  because I’m saved I’m supposed to just let people walk all over me? Talk to me any kind of way? I’m less saved because I listen to trap music? And I can’t partake in a little turn up from time to time either? The devil is a lie!!

Just because I am a child of God does not mean I am not a human being too! I too live in the world full of evil and temptation! I am here to tell you I am DEFINITELY a work in progress especially when it comes to my mouth and my attitude!! I pray and ask Jesus to fix it daily! But in the mean time in between time, I just might give you what you came for and pray about it afterwards! 

One of my moms favorite sayings is “Just because I’m saved don’t make me no fool.” People try it a little extra when they know you saved, I guess they think you always think about “what would jesus do” 😂, should turn the cheek or be the bigger person ! And I do on my good days, but one of those bad ones, you just might! Don’t get it twisted! I’ll repent and pray about it later! Why? Because I’m saved not soft and definitely not slow! 

Hypocrites crack me up! Just because you listening to the radio version, that make you better? Well I’m here to tell you it don’t!! Sorry not sorry! Just because I choose to listen to Trap, R&B and Hip Hop music doesn’t mean I love the Lord any less or I’m not serious about my walk! Please get your life! 

All I’m saying is one thing I know for sure is, my God is a forgiving God so come for me, love me, hate me, hell even feel free to judge me, but guess what that’s not hurting me! Just because I might get you together real nice nasty don’t make me any less Christian or a child of God! Just because I listen to trap music and not Gospel music only doesn’t mean that I love God or gospel music any less! I haven’t hit the club in a while now and I really dont care to go out, but I do like to partake in a turn up or a lituation every now and then because Auntie like to get 🔥 too!! But for real for real, LISTEN, like #Hipsn💋Dena said JUDGE NOT; focus more on your walk and purpose and leave me and mines alone! I am not here to please you, but just know that just because I’m saved don’t make me soft by no means, that just makes me overlook alot of nonsense because that is the Christian way and I am only here to please God and God only!! #carryon #nojudgezone

Signing off,

#SavedNotSoft #workinprogress #Hipsn💋Nita

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