Look now ladies, I am not here to judge you but something has to be said about this foolery ya’ll in these streets pulling. It’s so much I really don’t know where to start!! Should I start off with the grown woman out here in the streets getting pregnant by somebody they are just “dating” or “messing” around with and know they don’t have no business getting pregnant because there is NO future with them at all or better yet you know he not gone take care of a child period? Or the grown woman who is messing with somebody else’s husband and done got pregnant? Or lastly the grown woman who done got knocked up by the dude who already got a starting five line up basketball team of kids that he already don’t take care of and you just thought you and your child were the chosen ones! Chile, please!! 

First of all, let me say that being a single parent is no joke and is definitely not for the weak; and I salute those single parents who do it day in and day out or have done it.  I know it’s not easy at all. Don’t get me wrong there are some parents that are single parents not by their choice and I am not talking about or to ya’ll.  You parents that were married and it ended in divorce and the other parent decided not to help you raise ya’ll child, this is not for you! But is for those bitter angry women out here in the world who are really just signing on the dotted line to be a single parent, I just don’t get that. What I really don’t understand is, these ladies are not young teenagers, they are ladies in their late 20s early 30s!  Da fuq?? I thought the older you get, the wiser you get🤔

Nobody wants to be a wife and a mother anymore? They just want a baby? It that the new new American Dream these days? How you just one of the many women that this dude is “messing” with or “dating” and you are the one that end up pregnant? Sweetheart, I got news for you, when you tell him you are pregnant, you will just be a booty call; he will not claim your baby or he will try to convince you to get an abortion. 9 times out of 10 that will be his reaction why because he doesn’t care about you and deep down inside you know this.  But what do you do instead, keep trying to convince yourself, once I have the baby he will change his mind and come around eventually, well sorry not sorry, your chances are slim to none that will happen.  Just know if you have this baby you are pretty much signing on the dotted line to be a baby mama with no help from the sperm donor.

Now for these grown woman out here knowingly messing with somebodies husband really need to cut it.  Girl, you know you have NO BUSINESS entertaining this married sir, sleeping with this sir, and definitely NO BUSINESS getting pregnant by this sir! The percentage of a man leaving his wife for you and your child are just as slim, as him going home and keeping it real with his wife that he has an illegitimate child running around in the world with you! Girl get your life!!! I know you done heard Mary J Blige “No Happy Holidays! You done signed on the dotted line to be a single parent and for bad karma!!

Look I am a single woman myself and I pray that God sends me a man who already has kids and doesn’t want anymore because I am not having anymore.  Now just because I want him to have kids doesn’t mean I want him to have several kids running around the world that he doesn’t claim or take care of.  Look I am here to tell you, if he has a bunch of kids that means, he just stick and move! He may stick around for a little while to “try” to make it work but eventually he will leave because that is what he does (6 kids 6 different baby mamas, you see the pattern) smdh.  And you sitting around telling your friends, girl please, he not gonna do me and my baby like that, his other baby mama’s are crazy. Little do you know, they all said the same thing you said when they decided to sign on the dotted line to be a single parent from dealing with a joker like him jack!

Now don’t get me wrong, babies are the ultimate blessing from God and being a mother is one of the greatest things and feelings in the world! However, the baby didn’t ask to be here and they especially didn’t ask to come here in a dysfunctional situation. As the baby get older, you get even more bitter because you are doing it on your own, but the truth is you knew what it was fam!! Girl, don’t you know when you sign up to be a single parent, you put your child at an immediate disadvantage because not only does it take both parents but a village to raise a child. Single parents often miss out on so much of their kids lives because they are always working just to keep the bare minimum going in the household.  I’m telling you, that is not what you want for your kids! That’s like having both parents absent sometimes.  You are there providing and playing both roles but are you truly emotionally available, do you have time to truly nurture them, and are you present to give them advice, discipline and give them constructive criticism when necessary? 

Look, don’t get it twisted I never said that being a single parent is the worst thing in the world because I know single parents who don’t miss a beat in any of the kids lives and do a damn good job of raising their kids into responsible successful adults! All I am saying is don’t sign on the dotted line and then be bitter and angry, put them big girl draws on and make the best of the mess you helped create! All I am saying is, ladies we have to make better decisions and stop trying to trap a man with a child, that is not the move! That is not gonna make him love you more, want to leave his wife quicker, plus I thought trying to trap a man went out in the 80s. I’ll wait for a successful trapping story based on the scenarios listed above! When you try to trap them, you only trap yourself and most of all your child(ren). Ladies stop being angry and bitter with that man and not yourself too, taking it out on the child(ren) because things didn’t happen how YOU thought they would. Own that shhh, make the best of your situation and keep it moving!


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