I believe rapper Young Thug said it the best, F*ck Cancer!!! For real, for real.  Sorry not sorry for my language because this is how I truly feel.  The number of deaths caused by Cancer just this year is over 500K with over 1.6M people being diagnosed. Do the math, that is almost half of the people that are diagnosed eventually lose the fight. How sad is that? Just imagine if it’s one of your loved ones! Where is the cure already, ya’ll only been working on it for centuries?! This year alone, my family have been affected by Cancer in a major way.  First my cousin passed in July, then a close family friend passed in August, another cousin in September and now most recently, late November my one of my mother’s closest friends.  When I tell you this year, I have been surrounded by so much death and majority of them were Cancer related and  I’m so over it; dammit I’m over it.

This has been on my mind since the most recent passing and I just can’t seem to understand how some people are diagnosed, have the surgeries, take aggressive treatments regularly, follow all of the doctors orders; but the Cancer still spread all over and they quickly end up losing the battle within months? Wow, really!?!?! Back in 2001, just about a month before my wedding, my God Mother Juanita Jones-Borden lost her battle with breast cancer after being in remission for years; and I will never forget watching the Cancer just take over her body until she was gone.  R.I.H to all of those who lost their battle but fought a good fight! God needed you more than we did here on earth! You are truly missed and we love you.

Can’t forget about those who have Kicked Cancer’s Ass or those who are still fighting the good fight! You have a testimony and God got a blessing with your name on it!! Keep on pushing through, share your testimony with others because you never know who you might bless, who may need a word of encouragement, affirmation, or you never know who is rooting and especially praying for you! Family and friends I have one suggestion, spend as much time with your loved ones as possible while they are in sound body and mind because you just never know.  Let them know that you are there for them in your actions not words💯! You never know, that might be what keeps them going! Because I promise you, one thing you never want to deal with is the should’ve, would’ve, could’ves.  Stay prayed up and keep the faith and God got the rest.


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