On October 29, 2016, Hips N’ Lips had our 1st Annual Domestic Violence Maskquerade. When I tell you we pulled this event off with the help of people who TRULY believe in us! Hips N’ Lips has a vision to break generational curses, speak our truths, and have fun living life, and walking in OUR GOD GIVEN PURPOSE!!!  Speaking to my sister, I kept hearing her refer to Hips N’ Lips as a ministry. Now me and Nita both looking at each other like~ MINISTRY???? We wasn’t calling this a ministry because we aint perfect!! We still have some things that God is working on. We still cuss like sailors, we still gossip, we still do things we shouldn’t.  But guess what!!!! God aint NEVER told me to be perfect!!! HE handcrafted me to perfection and designed LADENA UNIQUELY to be strong and withstand all the test, trials, storms, bumps, and bruises that come my way! There are many times I fail the tests, but I stand in my truths and I keep on pushing!! Aint no sense in having a pity party! Hips N’ Lips is all about your truths and trying to be a BETTER YOU!!

I thought alot about which story I’d share. Hell, there were so many of them. It shook me to think about the many times I could have lost my life, BUT GOD!!!  HEAD TRAUMA!!! BEING HIT IN MY HEAD!!!! BUT GOD!!!

I didn’t have any issues with females over dude but it was plenty of females that had a problem with me. This particular fight I was hit in the head with “The Club” I had at least 10 stiches in my head. My front tooth was knocked out.  I aint have a chance to fight before she cracked me upside my head. Now listen yall I used to HATE!!! I MEAN, HATE!!!! to talk about this. I used to HATE this chic. I couldn’t even begin to tell you how much! Years and Years later I still couldn’t stand this girl and for WHAT!! The fact was there would have never been a issue without HIM! As I was rushed to the hospital and my family came to check on me,  GUESS who was missin??? THAT SUCKA wouldn’t even come to check on me. RED FLAG! To add even more confusion,  I found out I was pregnant. All I could think about was I COULD’VE LOST MY SON! As I spoke, I looked at my 19 year old son and realized I could’ve LOST him!!! BUT I DIDN’T.  I can’t walk around with a 20 year old grudge, I got to keep it moving. I could’ve been dead BUT I’M HERE!!!!

The last and final time I allowed him to put his hands on me! I fought him hard to keep him off me that night! I wrapped the cord of the iron around my hand and  swung it trying to get him off me. He hit me in the middle of my head so hard that I fell out! When I came to, I had a gash in the middle of my forehead. I couldn’t let my family see me like this again so I stayed home and tried to stop the bleeding. The bleeding lasted all night and I finally got myself together to go to my parents. The look of hurt on my Mom and Dad’s face was ENOUGH! I had been through this same thing many times with them. They saw me with black eyes, bruises, and all. I just could not keep taking my family through mess for someone that clearly didn’t care about me! The hurt on my Daddy’s face is something I never wish to see again.

I choose to share my story  because as women, we so quick to pop off and want to fight! But who we fighting FOR?? I got into many fights in high school and I never really knew why. The more I think about all the girls he was cheating with, yeah they had beef with me but I aint have no beef with them. I was so stuck on him that I wasn’t thinking about him cheating. He knew what to say and when to say it! Females be out here fighting over MAN-BOYS that don’t give a damn about them. I’ve been there but NEVER AGAIN!!!   Not only could I have lost my life fighting over some NEGRO but I could have lost my son!! Aint no man worth that much! I won’t ever put my parents through that type of hurt again. I cannot imagine seeing my daughter with a black eye nor will I condone my boys laying hands on a woman. I took enough a** whoopins for us all. For everything  I went through, I’d go through it all again because it was necessary!! My only goal is to help someone avoid the pain I endured by sharing my story! Speaking is a release for me it’s my own HEALING AGENT!!!!! Everytime I speak I get stronger and stronger to share more!! I’m blessed to have shared my testimonies in the month of October!  Victims stay victims by refusing to heal. When you tuck all the bad into that secret place you can’t heal like that! I’m a SURVIVOR because I FACE MY PAST and I realize that everything happens for a reason! Without the TEST,  I wouldn’t have a TESTIMONY!  Domestic Abuse is real! STAY WOKE!

Hips N’ Lips Dena

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