Hey yall!! It’s been a min! I missed yall! Hips N’💋 been grindin and making moves. I had this on my heart for a min and I’m about to address some mess! If you family I automatically rock with you no matter what! Don’t mess with nobody in my family whether we close or not. If I call u my sister and if we are friends, Don’t come for them either! If you in my circle, there is no competition! WHY!! There’s enough hustle in this world for everybody to eat! God gives every individual their own gifts and talents! What he gave you can not be duplicated!! I ONLY WANT WHAT HE HAS FOR ME! I don’t want NOBODY ELSE STUFF🙄 So when u put your gifts together with the right people EVERYBODY WIN!  Here’s the catch tho!! Everbody can’t  go with you. If you aint rockin with me like I’m rockin for you then you don’t belong wit me. If I can make it so everybody in my family eat and live to thier fullest potential I’m good with that! If I can spread that same love to my friends even better.  The issue I see lately, is everybody don’t support you. They may look at what you’re doing and think it’s crazy, or makes no sense. If it makes sense to you and  you have a clear vision of where u want to go PUSH THROUGH and leave those haters right where they stand! As my sis says, ” LET THEY ASS BE GREAT!” ( she a pastor tho she didn’t say ASS😂😂) Can’t NOBODY steal a VISION God has given you!! TRY ME NOT!! 🙅🏽Get yo OWN and let’s work together!!!  Building and networking together will bring more success!!! The longer you work on trying  to sabotage somebody else you missing your own blessings. I’m learning to surround myself with people doing well at what I want to do. PAY IT FORWARD!!! What my people teach me I will pass it on! Everybody got a passion,desire, dream, or vision. LIFE IS SHORT, LIVE EVERYDAY LIKE THERE’S NO TOMORROW AND GET YO LIFE AND HUSTLE TO MAKE YOUR VISION A REALITY!!!! AND STOP HATIN ON THE NEXT, NOT CUTE!!   BE LOYAL TO THE MOVEMENT OR GET THE HELL OUT MY WAY!!! Ummmkay PUMKINS🎃💯❤️

HIPS N’💋Dena

2 thoughts on “LOYALTY❤️💯HOW MANY OF US HAVE IT??

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