Take a close look! Today I live for a good beat face!!!! I love to put makeup on to enhance my beauty when I step out. HOWEVER! I didn’t always wear makeup to enhance my beauty. In this pic I was covering up a black eye! I was 20 years old in this pic, it was easter Sunday and nothing was going to stop me from going to church. First off, I didn’t know one thing about makeup, so I always had a lighter shade or it was too dark. I just wanted to cover it up and I used to Pray nobody would ask. I did all this because I knew it was wrong and I was so embarrassed! I didn’t realize the damage I was causing myself of my kids. I was stuck and in love and trying to do anything I could to keep my little family together. It took me 12 years to leave but I did! I’m still trying to recover, and I’m committed to breaking the cycle! I TEACH my boys how to treat women! I have made it a point to make sure they know to NEVER CALL A WOMAN OUT OF HER NAME AND NEVER TO LAY HANDS ON A WOMAN!  Now I’m not saying they won’t but all I’m saying is if they EVER and I find out they know what the business is! After all I went through I would not be cool with it. I don’t care how old they get that’s LAW! The point is you have a choice! I choose to stay and allow a man to abuse me. I allowed him to break my self -esteem down! I believe that negro when he told me nobody would want me with 3 kids!! He had me thinking I was this HORRIBLE PERSON!!! Somewhere way deep in the back of my mind I KNEW BETTER! I knew this was not what I saw from my Daddy or either one of my Grandaddies. I knew this wasn’t what I was supposed to be going through! I just THANK GOD HE PULLED ME OUT!!It’s a lifelong journey but I refuse to be abused by ANYONE! ANYMORE!





2 thoughts on “I REFUSE TO BE ABUSED!

  1. Great story to put out Dena. There are so many going through this and think they’re alone, so it’s great that you have put this forum together to help others.
    Physical abuse is just one form of abuse used to keep a good woman down, but verbal abuse can be just as catastrophic to ones psychy. There are so many that believe that since they’re not physically harmed then it’s OK. Both are harmful and I am sure you will cover all of it as time goes on.
    Congrats again on your launch and Thank You for starting this much needed forum for these much needed discussions.


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