Hold on Gurl!


Over the last two days my heart has been heavy. Being a mother is a JOB!!!!! A MAJOR JOB!!!! Being a single mother is even harder!!  Most times we blame ourselves for the choices our children make and we shouldn’t. Listen, we all make mistakes and there is no manual to parenting. Most of us raise our kids the same way our parents raised us. Some of us learned that they way we were raised was a bit dysfunctional and we change it. I’ll be the first to say I’m trying to change they ways I’ve raised my kids. They have a right to speak on how they feel. When I was growing up I held my feelings in and I acted out, screaming for attention. I raised my kids to be respectful to their elders and authority, I raised them to have manners, I raised them to treat others as they want to be treated. THAT’S HOW I RAISED THEM!!!!  The boys used to go to school and tell their teachers, “Call my Momma, she aint gone do nothing!” A LIE!!!!! I was on they heels anytime a teacher called. As they got older they started to make mistakes that would cost them. When my boys would get kicked out of school I would sit in those meeting and feel so embarrassed because I felt like they knew better. When my son got in trouble with the law I was more hurt than him! I cried like a baby! The thought of my child locked up was so hard for me. Bottom line is this, they made the choices but it was always my job as Momma to push through! Instead of feeling ashamed and embarrased I poured more into my boys! I have learned to talk to them and speak to their souls. I learned not to be so judgemental with my kids. I made mistakes too. I won’t beat my kids up for their mistakes because they will grow from their mistakes. I love on them even more! ” Trouble DON’T last always!!!!!!!!! I pray for my  babies and I keep it pushing! I hold my head up high because through it all they learned Momma was right!  2 Of my boys were expelled. One went to military school for 5 months and GRADUATED!!!!  I begged and pleaded with my other son to at least go get a GED! He would lay up in my house and do nothing! One day I told him, ” Either you go to school or you got to go!” He left and went back to live in Illinois. I was hurt and scared for him but once again it was his CHOICE! A few months later he called and said he wanted to get in school. He went to the alternative school Youth Build and graduated top of his class!!!!!!  My baby boy wasn’t focused on his grades and was not doing well at all!! I stayed on his behind and he made it up in his mind that he was going to do better. He came to me and said, ” Ma, don’t worry I got this. His 8th grade year he came home every semester with A’s and B’s.  It’s a struggle to watch your kids make make mistakes but EVERYONE MAKES THEM! DON’T  YOU LADIES EVER STOP PRAYING FOR YOUR KIDS!!!!!!! AND DON’T BLAME YOURSELF FOR THEIR MISTAKES!! THEY WILL LEARN FROM THEM!!! Raise your kids to the best of your ability and love them with all your heart and pray for them!  I’m a WITNESS THINGS WILL TURN AROUND!!!!!!!! JUST HOLD ON!!!! HOLD YOUR HEAD UP AND PUSH THROUGH!!!! NO MATTER WHAT LADIES PUSH THROUGH!! IT WILL GET BETTER!!!


Hips N’ Lips Dena


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