Dont gotta be their friend!!!! Just BE REAL!!!!

Have u ever been called a HYPOCRITE????? Keep it REAL???? I have. It was my child! I would ask myself, why the hell he keep calling me a hypocrite!! We forget that our kids have witnessed alot of our mess first hand! We say things like don’t go to school acting a fool! School is for learning! As I started to think back to my high school years, my parents told me the same thing!! DID I LISTEN?? Nope. I was fighting, getting suspended every week! Now this is not to say just because I was wildin in school that it’s ok for my kids to do it! What I’m saying, everyone goes through obstacles and have to learn from their own mistakes! Your CHILDREN TOO! Keepin it even more 💯! You aint always been clean, sober, and sanctified your whole life but u go crazy because your child smokes weed!!! But you have to think about that 1st time you smoked weed!  It was either for you or you never tried it again right?? You can teach the effect of smoking weed and all that good stuff but if you’re child seen u smoke from the day they were born WHAT U EXPECT! You’re showing them it aint affecting u! You got a job, pay your bills, and you’re functioning😬😬!! OUCH! Keepin it 💯. Dont gotta be their friend!!!! Just BE REAL!!!! I’m not saying it’s ok for a kid to touch any kind of drug! Parents are finding out their kids are smoking everyday and how is it handled??  Do we always lead by example as parents?? No! You’re daughter is in love with this fella you know aint no DAMN good. U tell her she can’t be with him!!! She starts lying and sneaking around to be with him! As parents we go crazy when our kids make the dumbest mistakes! We try to shield them from harm and trouble! My parents did the same thing! I didn’t listen and I ended up getting my a** kicked for 12 years. MY MISTAKE and I had to go through it and I’m here to talk about it! Bottom line! I don’t think I turned out so bad! I’m not their friend but I’m no longer the HYPOCRITE I was once called.  U cuss like a sailor yet you want to put your child on punishment for the uear because he cursed!!!! HYPOCRITE!!  once again, not saying it’s right but we keepin it 💯. The  most important thing I ever did to repair the damage I put on my kids was to be totally honest with them about my past! They know I can relate to many situations. They know what my mistakes cost me and although they will make their own mistakes the have a snapshot of the outcome! Being honest with them has caused them to come to me and talk to me prior to making dumb decisions! No one is perfect and being open and honest never fails. You’re story will most likely help you’re children more than you’ll ever know. Of course they should be age appropriate. Be mindful that the mistakes you made could help prevent them from making those same mistakes! That’s what counts 😉 I want my kids to come to me when they need to talk. I’m the best person to come to and be real with them. I have their best interest at all times! Don’t want to be so hard on them that they are afraid of coming to me!  They not gone keep coming to talk to a HYPOCRITE! LISTEN TO UR KIDS AND STOP CONDEMNING THEM FOR THEIR MISTAKES! I hear young people say all the time, I can’t talk to my parents like that. It breaks my heart to hear that! BE THERE FOR THEM AND SHOW SOME EMPATHY! IT WORKS!!

Hips N💋 Dena

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