Keep pushing! Don’t ever give up!

Are you a CHAMPION FOR YOUR CHILD?? I am and have always been there for each and everyone of my kids. Have I let them down? YES! Have I made mistakes? YES! Could I have done some things different? ABSOLUTELY! One things for certain, I never gave up! I had my fist child at 17, didn’t know nothing about raising a child but I took responsibilities for my actions and I had to give it all I had. Much too young to have a child but I figured it out along the way. There were many times I felt like I was way in over my head. Thankfully I had family to help me! It truly takes a village to raise kids. I don’t do well with pity parties. If you haven’t been the best parent there is always time to change! If you feel guilty for not being the best parent, that’s not a pass to drop out! As I look over my struggles and the heartache of raising my kids alone for the most part I can’t seem to understand how it’s easy to be absent. This is for both mothers and fathers. It seems like all we hear about are deadbeat dads but the truth is, there’s just as many deadbeat moms! There are parents that have no clue what their children had for dinner last night, they have no idea what schools their child attends, nevermind their teacher’s name! They have no clue what their child likes or dislikes. These are things I must know!!!! I have to know what’s going on with my kids. Personally, I’ve seen it on both ends. I have always been a advocate that it’s never too late to rebuild a relationship with your child. I’ve watched females keep their kids away from their daddies and it only hurts the child! There are alot of parents that are willing to FIGHT LIKE HELL for thier children! If you can’t see your kids because of their mother/father guess what!!! There is a courtroom where u can fight! You can never fight too much for your kids! GIVING UP is never an option. There are parents who are vindictive and will make up things to pit your child against you!!!! The fact is, if you are constantly reaching out, constantly trying to call, constantly trying to see your child and you are consistent. Chances are your child will know that no matter what you kept fighting for them. You have to be around to combat the mess! REJECTION IS REAL! Kids grow up feeling like they are not complete because their mommy/ daddy has not been a part of their life and they wonder why! Why does my mommy/ daddy not want me? What can I do to make them love me. This is the beginning of some deep emotional scars! You have little girls looking for daddies and young fellas simply wreckless, angry, and frustrated with the world! Anyone that runs from the responsibilty of raising their kids will have to answer to God and he is the Judge and the Jury!  I have always felt if you don’t do right by one of God’s greatest gifts you will have a void. No matter how many fights, no matter who much you don’t know about ur kids, no matter if you can’t STAND the person you slept with! If you open your eyes God’s giving you another chance to make things right! I’m a living witness that no matter how much you try to drag a person through the mud if they are raising their kids or even making attempts to do right by their kids the final decision rests on consistency and persistence. Parents that are both consistent and persistent about their place in their kids life will be able to enjoy their children, their grandchildren, and great grandchildren! NEVER REMOVE YOURSELF FROM YOUR CHILDREN BECAUSE OF YOUR PERSONAL FEELINGS! It’s DETRIMENTAL!!! Keep pushing and keep fighting and EVERYTHING WILL WORK IN YOUR FAVOR!!!❤️

HIPS N💋 Dena

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