The Confirmation and Testimony! 

God put this on my heart to share today because it means so much to my business partner, myself and most of all our endeavor Hipsn💋!

Those of you that have been following us, know that we are bloggers and speakers that keep it 💯, give life, and are very transparent in everything we do! When we first started Hipsn💋 and started promoting our Brand we received side eye reactions and several questions???  Hipsn💋 ??? What is it exactly ya’ll do again?? What exactly does that mean? What is the Premise? People automatically looked at it as, sexual and provocative based on the name and the logo, which it is not.  I can’t even lie, after we received so much push back, we had our own reservations about it at first because of all of the questions and had to pray on it a little bit more!  But God!!!!

When we first jumped off Hipsn💋 again this summer 16, we met this 18 year old young lady who had been thru some tough times and still is going thru currently! Needless to say months later, we still keep in contact with her on a regular basis and she confides in us, she looks at us as her Aunties. This young lady comes to us for advice but little does she know, she is such an inspiration to us!  At church we met this other young lady 22 years old at the time, who has been thru so much in her life, matter of fact just this year alone. We honored her with the D.O.P.E Award at our 1st event. Yesterday was Berean Christian Church’s 21st year Anniversary and Dr. Lee allowed members to speak on what Berean means to them and the one young lady spoke! She stated how at Berean she have connected  with others and she is thankful for that! She gave a special thank you to Hipsn💋 Dena for being such a blessing to her, always keeping in contact, and keeping her encouraged. When  Dr. Lee showed us the book of Peter chapter 4, verses 9-11, that was all of the confirmation we needed! It states that God has given us ALL gifts and they either are to speak or to serve. Which breaks down Hipsn💋: the lips we use to speak and because we are confident women in our own skin that serve the community by volunteering and giving back we use our hips to serve! After church this young lady came up to us and introduced herself. Her name is Amber and she said that she has witnessed us in church for months and she has never been close enough to introduce herself. For us to consider ourselves, lifegivers honey; Amber just doesn’t know how much life she gave us and spoke back into Hipsn💋! Amber stated that she just loves our spirit, vibe and energy!!! That TRULY meant the world to us. That was confirmation for us that we are doing something right, walking in our purpose and it’s showing! All we set out to do with Hipsn💋 is to serve/giveback, not be afraid to speak our truths and we pray that we can reach or touch at least one person. Also, can’t leave out this young lady named Brandi who introduced herself and we exchanged information after church (another young black woman entrepreneur). We will be meeting with her soon she has some awesome ideas. I thank God for my Berean Church family (my cousins) because without some of them our 1st event would not have been the success it was! We ole a big Shout out to Amber for speaking life into Hipsn💋 that is what we need to keep pushing through to continuing to be great thru God and his purpose on our life!!!!



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