Man Up, Bruh 

I am a big fan of Iyanla “Fix My Life” and I must say it has been an awesome season of attempting to heal broken men, women and families! Now this 3 part series about healing our black man is deep. I applaud Iyanla for having men on the show that us women are or have dealt with. I also applaud the men more because they WANT to be healed! 

Listen, I can’t stop thinking about last weeks episode because it was some things that happened on that show that confirmed 1) why men NEVER want to go to counseling and 2) there are women out here that never want to see their man healed. And quite frankly, that’s just sad smdh. You mention counseling to a man and they will give you EVERY excuse in the book WHY they don’t need it and WHY they not going. For real for real! “Aint nothing wrong with me, you are the one that’s crazy and need counseling, not me. You need to go by yourself, you need it more than me.” “How is somebody that don’t know me think they can tell me about me? I don’t know why you want to bring somebody else in our business.” Man, I’m telling you excuse after excuse is all you get! Tell me if I’m wrong !! I’Il wait!

I’m just gonna say it, Terrance Lira’s daddy or man boy with kids should I say, unfortunately, he is thee true example of our black man and how they run due to fear, especially when it comes to digging deep and getting to the root of their pain; trust me there’s a reason why you behave like you do sir! The 1st thing about Mr Terrance that disturbs me is that he knows he needs to be healed because he is truly f*cked up, but his fears and that LADY that he is currently married to are holding him back. See he has a million and one excuses why he don’t need to be there because of denial! This man have walked off of set on every show but find himself back in the mix because he know he need it BAD! That lady he married to is a sad piece of work! She TRULY seems to have a problem with him being on the show. All she keep saying is that “I have a problem with the whole damn thing, he is away from his family, I can’t talk to him when I want to, I just want him home”  Iyanla being dope like she is told her, “I will send him home to you a better man!” Now listen lady, are you for real? You don’t want your man to be healed? I’m so confused! So you want him to remain in pain and the way he is now?? Lady you can’t be serious! Is it because you don’t want him to have a relationship with his child that you didn’t birth? Ma’am what you don’t know is if he remain in this state,  he will not have a healthy relationship with your children either, fool! Lady all I am saying is if you see the benefits of a broken man healed something is truly wrong with you. Do you not understand it’s bigger than you lady? Everybody benefits from a healed man especially a black man. Not only does your family win but so does society. 

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