I have a list of celebrity AUNTIES you JUST DON’T MESS WITH!!!!!!! Tread lightly when it come to MJB first and foremost! Make sure you don’t come for  Taraji, Gabi, or Lisaraye.  Now we all know what Auntie Mary has been through.  First K-CI now this FOOL!!!!!Let’s talk and keep this thang all the way 100!!!!  Hip N’ Lips Dena gone play judge and damn jury!!! THIS LIST # 1, let’s get the mess out the way. Personal chef?? FOR WHETT!!!!! X~HELL NAW! Personal Trainer?? Again X~ HELL NAW!! Clothing Allowance?? X~UHH no SIR!! Pay His Parents?? X~ WHAT IN THE ENTIRE FUQ do you mean!!!!! Ok let’s take these few first.  A Private chef, personal, trainer, and clothes!!!!!! Sir, let me ask this question. Did you A** come in with all that readily available for Mary!! I bet NOT!! Futhermore Sir, all those things are to benefit you!! She gotta make sure you eat good, look good, and stay healthy!!!! Sir!!! In my opinion your PARENTS, which whom you’ve been paying 5,000 a month should be taking care of yo a**!!  Go sleep on Momma nem’ couch sir!!! Then we can eliminate this other MESS. Rental properties, auto expenses, repair on properties,  OH HELL NAW!! Wait! Let’s take a pause for the cause. I didn’t even realize this SUCKA had the nerve to add a grocery bill!! SIR!!! Go eat Momma nem’ food because Auntie Mary aint going!!!! Wait so you just not gone be a MAN AT ALL NO MO??? I mean for real, when she get done paying all this ISH what you got to do for yourself SIR?? This whole damn list equals 268,817 NOW WHAT IN THE ENTIRE HELL IS DUDE THINKING!!!!! HE THE ONE CHEATED!!!!  So you expect Auntie to pay 100,000 for lawyers so you can take her COINS?????? NEGRO PLEASE!!!!!! I pray to the GOOD LORD AUNTIE GOT A OL’ BULLDOZING LAWYER LIKE THIRSTY RAWLINS(EMPIRE) READY TO GET IN HIS ASS FOR EVEN DRAGGING THIS NONSENSE INTO COURT!!!! I aint saying I believe Auntie was a saint or whatnot but don’t NOBODY deserve this ISH!!! Yall heard “Thick Of IT” Auntie done came out and admitted she aint no saint in all this so SIR, MAN-BOY, MR KENDU, FELLA!!!!!! Admit your wrongs and step the Da** side so we can watch AUNTIE MARY PUSH THROUGH, Like she always do!!(yep I said it!!) Now Look Here!  Imma tell yall what REALLY GOT MY BLOOD BOILING!!!!! How dis NEGRO had the AUDACITY to ask for $5000 BIG ONES to support HIS OWN DAMN KIDS!!!! Last I recall, Auntie MARY AINT PUSHED  NO LIL MARY’S  or NO LIL KENDU’S OUT  FROM NOWHERE!!!!! WHATEVER THE HELL DO YOU MEAN SIR?????? Those are your babies!!! A  lil spousal support just might be alright but THIS FELLA IS LOSING HIS MIND!!!!!   I’m not saying Auntie don’t love the kids but SHE IS NOT THE RESPONSIBLE PARTY!!!!  KENDU!! SIR!!!! You cheated this last time and hell we don’t know how many times you messed up. Hell, we honestly don’t know Auntie’s faults BUT DAMN!! Auntie Mary been married for the past 12 years and she has never denied having marital issues but SIR PLEASE DON’T BE BITTER!!! BE GLAD you got away with your BULL**** for 12 years and GWON NOW,  MOVE THE HELL AROUND SIR!!!! Real talk, this made me think of my Daddy. I don’t know everything that happen between my parents when they split but one thing I know is my Daddy left everything with my momma. He moved back in with his parents and hit rock bottom. He worked at McDonald’s to make ends meet and had the most ratchet looking station wagon.  I mean my Daddy wasn’t young at the time and I can’t imagine all that went through his mind at the time. He did what he had to do and I will never forget it. THAT’S WHAT A REAL MAN DOES!!!! It’s not about who did what or how much one person did to the other. If the relationship has finally reached its end, take the high road and move forward and the best case is moving forward without the drama. Listening to a interview on the Tom Joyner Morning Show today, Sherri Shepard ask a good question. She states she has attended all of Auntie’s shows, and everytime she leaves with tears in her eyes. She asked Auntie, ” Why does she think her songs and words touch so many women.” Her response was simple, she just wants to inspire those going through because we all go through things.  That’s very true. It’s not what we go through it’s how we handle the situation when we go through it and how we come out at the end. I love me some Mary J Blige but this mess Mr Kendu’s doing just got me a little heated.  His actions have caused people to look at him as a BITTER MAN!!!! AND THAT!! BOO BOO JUST AINT CUTE!!!!!!  IJS!!! Don’t COME FOR AUNTIE MARY and think we aint gone say nothing!!!


Hips N’ Lips Dena =)




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