“Sir, Stalking is a Felony!”

So yo dumb ass think jumping out from the bushes or cars, leaving notes on her car, taking stuff out of her house while she at work; is gonna get her back? Dude, you need to get your life. Sir, listen that sh*t aint cute, funny, sweet, romantic or ok.  But it is a felony and yo ass will go to jail.

Man when I tell you, this dude I was in a relationship with for a couple of years used to stalk me something serious, he would stalk me something serious! I let him move in with me because I was going thru a horrible separation and messed around and got dick-ma-tized!! Dude had multiple personalities! When he was off that white girl, he was unpredictable! One night I was out with my friend and I got home about 3 am. When I tell you, I opened my door to enter my apartment I didn’t see him; but as soon as I locked my door from the inside, he was tapping on my door. Dude where in thee f*ck did you come from? Why are you at my door, sir? I put you out remember, you don’t stay here no more sir? Matter of fact, you left with that other broad, if my memory serves me correctly!! So why are you at my door again? Where she at?

What I didn’t know is that dude had unlocked windows in my apartment so he could get in and out whenever he wanted to. I found that out weeks later, and when he told me, he thought it was funny and I am thinking to myself this dude is BANANAS! For Realz! About 3 am one morning, the smell of cigarettes woke me up! Guess who it was? Dude! He was not only smoking a cigarette, he was high, and pacing through the spot with a pistol. Yo, when I tell you I was already STARTLED just from being abruptly awakened as it is, and to see that pistol in his hand, really scared the sh*t out of me. I’m like yo what the hell is going on? He like, bae I just got into it with some dudes at the bar! 🤔 So I’m like but why are you in my house with a pistol, pacing? They not here fool! Sir wtf?? Thank the lord he left out peacefully that night and not long after that he got locked up of course! 

Dude used to take the stalking to the extreme! He would leave notes on my windshield and that fool even keyed B*TCH on my hood like a little b*tch. What I used to find funny is, he used to talk sh*t to me like I was the problem. You was cheating on me dog, so why you so mad at me? Oh let me guess, because I wasn’t supposed to stay mad that long right? I’m wrong because yo broads (yes multiple) would call my phone and tell all of ya’ll business. I was wrong when I tell him to keep your BROADs in line REALLY? You refused to get off of the sauce and I couldn’t deal with the fluctuating attitudes and personalities, so I guess that is my problem too, right? What I don’t get is, they do dumb sh*t to get put out or get dumped and then act to like they aint did nothing, chile, please. It’s not my fault that you can’t stop being a cheater, bumper, and a liar.

Fellas, listen!!! Let me tell ya’ll something, all of that lurking and jumping out the bushes is not gonna get her back, so cut it! PLEASE JUST MAN THE HELL UP and leave that woman alone. Stop the stalking and get your house in order! Stop lying, cheating and most of stop playing games! Maybe, just maybe, if you channeled your focus on yourself and your shortcomings, you may be able to get right for the next one, sir! 

#AuntieNita #Auntie🔥

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