“The Land of the Free and Home of the Brave for Who?

How is it that the U.S. Constitution’s 1st Amendment guarantees freedoms for religion, speech, expressions, assembly and the right to petition; but Kaepernick is catching so much hell?? I’m gonna tell you why! 

I have held my tongue long enough on this nonsense and I can’t take it anymore. This is the United States of America right?? Kaepernick is a U.S. citizen right? Then what the hell is the problem? 

If you haven’t noticed or didn’t know, Kaepernick is biracial quarterback who plays for the 49ers, who was raised by a white couple in Wisconsin. During the pre-season, he decided to kneel or sit during the national athem. This is why: 

Guess what! I AGREE 💯He has the right to be fed up, pissed, angry or feel what the hell he wants to feel about the injustices, that we are witnessing everyday we turn the tv on. It’s so sad because they teaching and speaking on their VERY watered down version of racism and discrimination in schools these days and want our children to believe that racism doesn’t exist anymore; and that it ended with the Martin Luther King Jr”I Have A Dream”speech 🤔.  BULLSH*T! You can believe that sh*t if you want too! Actually, the injustices have escalated from being hung to being shot in cold blood in public and/or on camera. What I find funny is how they think we all dumb and don’t peep game. Sir, you can’t keep pissing on my leg and telling me it’s rain. Rain don’t look like that! I know what murder look like sir. I will not be swayed to think otherwise. 

In just a few short weeks, the world has witnessed Terrence Crutcher and Keith Lamont Scott; most recently as Tuesday, Alfred Okwera Olango in California be murdered at the hands of the officers that took an oath to protect and serve the community! I could name names all day! Damn right people are angry, upset, pissed off, mad, scared, defensive nervous! Because this seemed to be a way of life for our communities now and the future to come. But Kaepernick can’t kneel! Get thee f*ck out of here! What that man is doing aint bothering nobody. He is not doing anything different than the thousands of people protesting in the streets. I find it hilarious that dicks with the same color of the fellows who wrote the Constitution hate when WE exercise our rights! Oh is it because these rights do not pertain to people of color? Let me guess, black people are exempt. Really aint no guessing! It’s very obvious!! We can’t kneel; 1st amendment! We can’t bear arms either apparently , Philando Castro 2nd amendment right; and not to mention the 14th amendment about Civil Rights and Equal Protection Rights! It’s all a joke!

All of the backlash Kaepernick is enduring is crazy! Somebody please explain how kneeling is harming anyone? The 49ers organization has no problem with it, in fact his coach supports him and he’s doing it at the games, so who are you Mike Ditka to talk sh*t. Fans have been sending him death threats. It has honestly gotten out of control!  On the flipside others throughout sports nation has joined him. If Kaepernick was making a stance for his half white community, it will never be an issue, I promise you! I admire and respect Kaepernick for taking a stance and sticking to it regardless of the haters!

Bottomline, over 229 years ago these folks drew up a document full of lies and promises because clearly to the people of color, the Constitution is null and void. They treat immigrants and non citizens better than us and that is a damn shame. How long do they think we are going to sit around and keep watching these social injustices while a coward can go shoot up a movie theater, schools, bomb the railways and marathons, kill officers, shoot up a church but are still ALIVE. Out of all of the murders we have witnessed not even a hand full of officers have been charged. Now you tell me there’s not a such thing as WHITE PRIVILEGE! America the land of the free and home of the brave right??


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