I know yall watched the debate yesterday! I have come to the conclusion that Trump is just DUMB!!! He look DUMB!! HE SOUND DUMB!!! JUST DUMB!!!!!!!! LAW AND ORDER?????? What da hell you mean????? STOP AND FRISK!!! OH HELL NAW!!!! Ask any  black person how they feel right now about the injustice our fellow brothers and sisters have faced lately. We are sick and tired!!! It’s exhausting and it keeps happening! Steve Harvey said something this morning that I agree with. He said, ” As blacks we need to understand that they are not going to use any of the American dollars to bring anything to our communities.” WE have to learn how to stick together as a PEOPLE!!!! I want better for those that look like me, my kids,  my Mother and Father! I don’t want to shed tears when I hear another Black Man has been shot to death by a police officer. I’m sick and tired of worrying about my young men as they walk to the store! All I want to do is love on these kids!! So many children out here have nowhere to turn. With TRUMP in the white house it’s DOOMSDAY for our PEOPLE!!!!!! Hillary!! Hillary!! Hillary!!!!!! YASSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!! Honey, when she started speaking on Work Life Balance, I CAME FOR THAT!!!!!! I am a mother before anything and what I cannot STAND is for a supervisor or manager to make it an issue when you have to take care of your children!!! If my kids need me for anything!! I MEAN ANYTHING!!!! I’M GONE!!! We’ll talk about the consequences later!! Employers need to understand that outside their walls your employees go through alot! We have to manage our finances on fixed salaries, get pennies for raises, and have children to provide for. Employees are dealing with depression, homelessness, anxiety, and so much stress and they have to endure these things daily. We spend more time at work than we do with our families!!  Women are being underpaid and we do the most!!! We have to work our asses off to get what we deserve!! We do double the work and spend double the amount of time at work. This takes away from our children, spouses, and everyday management of our homes! Brothas just want to provide for their families!!! How many minorities are in jail for non-violent offenses???? Why are there sentences so long?? I’m sure Donald Trump would not give two fuqs about throwing the book at minorities. He has said Hillary wants to release violent criminals from jail. That’s NOT TRUE!! Obama commuted over 200 sentences with his Pardon power. Those were drug crimes and all were categorized as non-violent crimes. With that being said, HILLARY IS NOT TRYING TO UNLEASH VIOLENT OFFENDERS INTO SOCIETY!!! SHE IS ONLY ATTEMPTING TO BE FAIR AND USE COMMON SENSE!!! UNFORTUNATELY TRUMP SEEMS TO LACK COMMON SENSE! LIKE HILL SAID!!!!! FACT CHECK LIL BIH!!!!!!!!!!!! I was so empowered as a woman watching this debate because she WAS READY and  I PRAY She is ready on DAY ONE to get her hands dirty and give her all to DELIVER what she promised!!!! This is just my opinion. My pastor advised us that there is a movement to encourage college student NOT TO VOTE!!!!! WE NEED EVERYBODY  TO REGISTER AND TO GET OUT AND VOTE ON NOVEMBER  8 NO MATTER WHO YOU ARE!!!!!! WE NEED EVERYBODY!!!!!!!  ESPECIALLY THE COLLEGE STUDENTS!!!!! IJS!







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